I made a little webpage that you can put a binary or hex string in, and it'll give you the image of the sprite:

All non-binary (or non-hex) characters are ignored, and you can adjust the zoom:

Makes it easy to make an image if you have the hex or binary for it. It outputs an HTML canvas element, which you can save of an image on your computer. Clicking "Draw" multiple times will draw another sprite.
Use it here:
So this is for non-CSE calcs? Will you be making one for the CSE? Smile Looks pretty awesome, though!
It's just for black and white sprites (or 1bpp sprites, I guess). I don't have any plans to do much else with it.
It was nice of you to whip this up for ACagliano's use, Shaun. It's a nifty little tool, even if you don't decide to take it further.
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