That's a European patent office. ZOMG all!!
can't wait
I can't get the page to load! AAH! Crying
imbeded pdf is why
Took me a while to load it also. I can't believe this.
I got the description and claims to work, which is enough.
Patent =/= production.
jpez wrote:
Patent =/= production.

Yeah, but I heard rumors that it will be put into production by Q01 '07.
Got a link?
[ot]your sig is disturbing Wink [/ot]
The site they linked to doesn't even exist. I'm sorry, but it looks like bullshit to me.
The patent? It looks fairly legit to me. Without the patent, no, of course not. But with that it looks somewhat better...
Oh, I believe the patent exists, but that is no indicator of production. Trust me, if TI were going to make this, you would hear something from them.
The German has confirmed that this will be released fall 2006.
did you see the new news item?
elfprince13 wrote:
did you see the new news item?

yes, and i also noticed they still never approved or denied my instcirc program - that i submitted a good week or so ago Rolling Eyes

but their article showed grayscale only, not color...
Yup, TI scaled it down a bit.
This thing says something about a stylus but not color, were did you get the color part from? Confused

Btw, page is loading fine for me, it was just being updated when you tried it(as it was when I first tried it)
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