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I'm trying to get a GUIRMouseCursor working, but it seems to cut off at weird places. For example, when the mouse is on the far right, underneath the [X] button, it switches back to the main cursor instead of the custom one I have set. This is a quick DCSB program that illustrates the problem:
I wasn't sure if it was just that I had the bounds too big one side (100, 100), but when I tried with smaller ones that should have worked (about (y,x) = (62,92)). Here's a snippet of my ASM code regarding this section:


   xor d
   jr Start
   .dw Description         ;or .dw $0000 if you don't have a description
   .db $07,$00         ;always this string
   .dw Icon         ;or .dw $0000 if you don't have an icon
   .dw $0000         ;usually .dw $0000 if you don't have or know what an ALE is
Start:                             ;main routines



   .dw {+}-{-}
   .db GUIRLargeWin
   .db %1010000
   .db %1100000
   .db %1000000
   .db %1100000
   .db %1010000
   .db "Drag+Drop",0
        ; Snip a lot of other GUI elements
   .dw {+}-{-}
   .db GUIRMouseCursor
   .db 9, 12
   .db 100,100         ; TODO: Fix this.
   .db %00000111
   .db %00000111
   .db %00000111
   .db %00000111
   .db %00000111
   .db %11111111
   .db %11111111
   .db %11111111
   .db $00,$00,$00,$00
   .db $00,$00,$00,$00
   .dw $FFFF
Be sure to take into account that your items in the window all have coordinates relative to the window. That is, (0,0) is the top-left corner of the drawable window area, not the LCD. If you want to get into the title bar or even above it, you need to specify negative y coordinates for the item(S).
No luck there. I changed it to fit the insides of the GUIRLargeWin (where (y,x) = (54,92)), but it still cuts off in that one spot.

Just to make sure I'm not messing something silly up, when the DCS Wiki says:
0: word-packed top-left y,x of affected area [2 bytes]
2: word-packed bottom-right y,x of affected area [2 bytes]
4: 8-byte cursor mask [8 bytes]
12: 8-byte cursor sprite [8 bytes]
That means that my data looks like:
.db Y1,X1
.db Y2,X2
.db mask_stuff
.db sprite_stuff

Edit: I'm thinking that's not it because that just causes the cutoff to be even closer to the left.

Edit 2: Also, the DCSB page says that GUIRMouseCursor is LCD-based, not drawspace-based, but resetting everything to those values still disagrees. Could it be the routine you're using to check if the mouse is between those coordinates doesn't like bigger numbers?

Edit 3: Is there a way to get the location of the mouse pointer in ASM? Otherwise, I could put a ton of hotspots, but that wouldn't be a great idea. I'd need about 83/5 * 62/5 = 205 hotspots...
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