I started to write my first chess program for casio prizm calculators. The display has been already done but nothing else yet. The board and the figures are rotateable in any direction statically and dynamically (the board rotates depending on who current player is), these can be set in the settings.

Here's the first screenshot. I know, the figures are a bit ugly, they might be replaced.

And here's the second one demonstrating the rotation:
Actually, I think it looks pretty awesome. There's a tiny bit of aliasing on the king and queen, but other than that the sprites look superb to me. Are you planning to make this a game for two humans, a human and an AI, or both? Either way, hats off for a rather ambitious project; I think you're up to it.
I would like to write my own chess engine, so first it'll be a game for two humans (it's easier) and then, if I have time, I'll try to write a real AI
A while ago a friend of mine made me some chess sprites, but I've never used them. Feel free:

your chessboard looks rather cool. Some time back, i wrote my own chess engine. i wanted something *very* small so i could embed it into portable devices like the arduino.

The other thing is i wanted to make an engine simple enough to understand, just one "c" file and completely free for anyone.

feel free to use it.

vchess v1.4

-- hugh.
Thanks, your engine looks useful, but I'd like to write my own engine and I've already done many parts of it. Anyway, I might port it

I don't know if you've ever heard of this nanochess program which is currently the smallest chess engine (1257 non-blank characters). I think it's amazing, have a look
thanks for the nanochess link. Unfortunately, these are competitions to build the smallest chess source code, they may well require megabytes of ram when running.

Back when i wrote mine, i couldnt find anything that would run in very limited ram. i wanted to embed chess into a PIC. That's also why the program is in C.

good luck with your own engine. I found it very useful to implement an optional winboard interface. this proved very useful for testing and also you can pit your engine against others - to see how badly it loses in my case Smile

-- hugh.
Some days ago I started coding again and yesterday I succeeded to upload the first release of my chess program. Have a look

And some screenshots:

Setup (described in my first post in this thread):



Fool's mate Smile

You have to press EXIT. And if it's the first time you have to scroll down to the bottom.

Thanks for your suggestion, yes, I'm planning to do it. And I have some other ideas such as time control, undo function, 50 move rule, and maybe an AI
any updates on this project?
You know, school started in september, so I didn't have time, but now I'll start coding again Smile
balping wrote:
You know, school started in september, so I didn't have time, but now I'll start coding again Smile

Ah, ok. Understood 100% Wink
balping wrote:
You know, school started in september, so I didn't have time, but now I'll start coding again Smile
Glad to hear it, and good luck!
The autumn break has ended and I improved the project but it still isn't enough for a new release
Will the first release have an AI?
Definitely not. Only move history and maybe a chess clock
Hi, I have downloaded the chess game into my calculator, but at the time of playing a game it does not show the image of the board on the screen, It just shows the row and column numbers. What can I do?
I doubt that you'll get a good answer for that, seeing as balping has been inactive for years and several other users have reported the same issue on the download page with no solution given. The project is available on GitLab--maybe there's an easy fix somewhere.
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