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The best thing to do is probably fork https://bitbucket.org/tari/83pa28d/src, make whatever edits you want, and then make pull requests.
Day 1 definitely needs work, but even in its current state (useless) it's probably at least as useful as the unmodified version (which doesn't work on most modern Windows systems nor is it reasonably portable).

Comments are quite welcome; it's not exactly a project that any of us tend to work on without provocation, but in the worst case your comments will get stashed in the issue tracker until somebody feels sufficiently ambitious to work on it.

My thoughts were that I could work out the steps in detail to get someone up and running using a modern computer, post them so that someone who was working on this update could incorporate them into the current version. I figure I would do most of the work as far as figuring this out.

There are quite a number of issues as you said and I saw that someone has already improved it over the original version. I just don't want to spend my time working on it if no one was going to use it.

My only major problem that I have not yet resolved was copying my TI-83Plus ROM. I've used two different software programs and neither works yet, but I'm optimistic!
If you take the time to update it, it's probably for the best if "modern computer" implicitly implies "running either Windows or a *nix"
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