Hey everyone, just announcing my contest idea before it gets "stolen". I am planning on involving projectile motion, although I love magnetism, into a apple shooter like game. The catch is that the user needs to solve for various variables using the 3 kinematic equations to successfully shoot the arrow into the apple atop a mans head. I'm planning on adding not only the game part but having a "lab" where the user can have fun practicing and testing out different scenerios, for practice in the game.
More info soon.
24 hour bump:
I'm not really sure if I am going to stick to the original plan completly or not. I have been messing around with a few ideas.
Here is a screenshot of one of them:

This is showing my projectile display.
I am thinking of adding magnetism into it all well. But I'll see.

Oh I forgot to mention that this is in Ti-basic.
That looks great! Are you doing pure-BASIC sprites, or using the Hybrid BASIC libraries in Doors CS for those boxes?
It's pure Basic, my favorite. They actually fall from the ceiling and stop when they hit a pixel (on) underneath. It has nice rendering speed too.
I have the beginning text that introduces you into the game. Here it is:


Good morning!
I am prof. Zelda, yes
Yes it is a girl name.
I am here to guide you in
The next couple of days
Have you been debriefed?...
No? I'll go get that
Right away!
Welcome to the wonderful
World of poke... Oops wrong
One. We are at war with SSR
And have been contacted by
Mr. President to undergo
A secret mission. Sadly
Our scientists died last
Mission. Don't worry you are
79√ π/2 percent safe.
Well we need your brain,
Even if we have to train it.
Oh and you have no choice
We just landed in Area 51
Our first test will begin
Tomorrow, Goodnight.

And the next intro text:

How did you sleep?
Well the beds are made of
Recycled UFO parts,
So that does make sense.
Well today you start
Your training, hopefully
You brought a spare Ti-84?
If not go grab one...
Here watch this.
(Cutscreen of a block falling)
See that box fall?
That is gravity. Hopefully
You have heard of it
Well......(insert explanation of gravity
As well as 9.81m/s^2)
(Insert explanation of Isaac newton)
Enough chit chat lets
Go to the lab and try
It for ourselves
Follow me.
I finally got around to getting wabbit working, here is a screenshot of my work in progress.
I skipped the first level since it is mostly intro text (read above).
As of now I have these features:
Greyscale: as good as I can make it without using libs. Remember this is pure Basic.
Main Menu: in the .gif it shows lines under the different options when I switch, I assure you it doesn't do that on-calc.
Levels: I have only 3 levels done, but now that I have the engine that will be easy.
Equation: Found in the tab by pressing F1, some will be locked until they are needed, so they don't confuse the user.
Text: the level automatically goes through the lvl text at the beginning but by pressing F2 tab the player can review the text for additional help.
Specs: the specs tab by pressing F3 tells the user how far away the target is, gravity (which I might change if I decide to do "space" levels), velocities and angles current status (locked means user cannot change it).
Help: the help tab, by pressing F4, explains how to solve the problem, so the user doesn't get stumped.
Quit:By pressing F5, returns to main menu (quits as of now)

Here you go:
Regarding the lines under the main menu text, I bet you're using different OS versions between WabbitEmu and your real calculator? Also, jsTIfied didn't do the trick? I too have been having a great deal of problems with Wabbit bugs. Anyway, everything looks great here; keep up the hard work!
Ahh yep, I'm using the dreaded 2.55mp, while I switched to 2.43 on Wabbit. I keep forgetting that I can use jsTIfied, else I would have posted a screenie a while ago. Oh well. Next time!
zeldaking wrote:
Ahh yep, I'm using the dreaded 2.55mp, while I switched to 2.43 on Wabbit. I keep forgetting that I can use jsTIfied, else I would have posted a screenie a while ago. Oh well. Next time!
That'll do it re: the OS versions. It wouldn't be a bad idea to fix that to work properly on every (modern) OS version, though, as I suspect the judges will have a mix of 2.43 and 2.55MP OSes on their test calculators.
That is true, something that was giving me loads of trouble was that thick divide token, not the regular division but the fraction one. When switching to the lower os which didn't have it, it changed it to a bunch of random assembly tokens (like when you view a compiled axe program).
So I will be sure to change that.
Been a while since I updated this thread on the current progress of my entry. I am finishing this Tonight because I'm not going to be in town on the deadline.
So far I have six levels but I'm thinking of making around 30 or so, as well as Explanations of projectile motion.
I finished my contest entry tonight, here is the final screenshot.
Note: wabbitemu is running OS 2.43 but still draws some things bad.
I have tried it on a Ti-84+se running 2.43 and it works perfectly.
Will update with a screenshot later. img.omnimaga.org is slow.
You could try one of the tons of other, much larger image hosts out there, like imgur.com or tinypic.com. Smile Congratulations on being the second entrant to finish their entry! We look forward to trying it out.
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