I'd like to enter an idea for the contest that I'll work on and enter. It's called BallistiCa. Its a ballistics calculator and simulator. You'll be able to choose the projectile weight/mass, diameter, traveling medium (water/air/vacuum) or custom medium resistance, direction (2D mode or possibly a 3D mode) vectors, gravity and gravity direction vectors. This will also give you a simulation of the resulting graph. If 3D mode is supported, then I may try to make it be able to be rotated.

I know that I'm not exactly a godlike programmer like Calc84 or anyone like that, but I'd really like to try this. My language of choice would be Axe, but I may do it in hybrid basic. Grammar is too much to learn at a too short of notice. I may try BBC Basic, but that may be a little difficult.

I'll start it in Axe, and if it proves to be too difficult for me, I'll do it in Hybrid Basic. I'll try to make you proud, KermM!
You probably shouldn't be posting an idea. Though, it seems you aren't because you know full well what you want to do.

You should do it in the programming language you are most comfortable in. All these entries are graded on common ground and there is no 1st, 2nd or 3rd for each language. And if you aren't "a godlike programmer like calc84 or anyone like that" then don't try to widen the gap by choosing a language that could make it more difficult.

By all means though, work in whatever language you want to. Just realize that you may encounter something you don't know how to do and there may not be enough time to recode it in another language. If you do hit this hurdle, carry on and start adding another feature. You aren't going to be docked points if you say your program will have a feature and ends up not having it. Save for the basic fundamentals of the contest.

In the end, don't kick yourself because you couldn't add rotation.
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