Would you be interested in a band made up of TI-84 Pluses?
 86%  [ 13 ]
 13%  [ 2 ]
Total Votes : 15

This is a project that I actually just started yesterday. I am calling it tentatively TI-Band. It will be using the sound routines from Axe. For those of you who have looked at the new files, the first section, TI-Guitar, has already been released. I am working on TI-Piano, TI-Trumpet, and TI-Drums. Right now, I would like reviews and critiques of TI-Guitar. Also, when I finish making all of the iterations, they will all be turned into a single program to enjoy. Hopefully, if I finish the TI-Band project fast enough, I would like to enter it into our school's talent show.
Sounds like an interesting idea. I played with your guitar in wabbit emu the other day(probably yesterday), and I would suggest that for each press/strum you should make it reverb a little(if possible), and fade away(like you're plucking and it hits the note and goes away). Also, for your guitar are you planning on implementing strumming(maybe like the fruit ninja game)? For the trumpet, will you do fingerings for the note(like an actual trumpet)? For piano, how many notes will be used?

Sorry for all these questions(no pressure to implement all these things). Razz
Do not worry, I am looking for input. TI-Piano will have nine notes. I did not think about having strumming but that will be a problem and Axe is having some problems outputting multiple sounds. The idea for the reverb might just work. I'll see what I can do tonight.
I am going to record my brother playing his trumpet and see how I can get notes done.
Here are the wavelength's for certain notes: http://www.phy.mtu.edu/~suits/notefreqs.html

Hope this helps. Smile
ordelore wrote:
Axe is having some problems outputting multiple sounds.
Axe doesn't have problems outputting multiple sounds. It just doesn't have a built-in command for that, but you can do it by yourself.
Thank you Spence and also thank you Hayleia because you just reminded me that I could just have multiple freq( commands.
EDIT OF EXCITEMENT! TI-Guitar uploaded to Ticalc
Well, TI-Piano is finished so tomorrow I will look at getting it uploaded into cemetech.
sorry for double posting, I didn't realize until later.
Just now finished TI-Trumpet. Now just the hardest left. TI-DRUMS
EDIT: Uploaded into both Cemetech and Ticalc. Now we just need to wait for messages about offical upload.
EDIT2: Uploaded into Cemetech. Find it here: http://www.cemetech.net/programs/index.php?mode=file&id=907
Just waiting for Ticalc. Also, this might be the mosted edited post ever, this is the third time this post has been edited.
Decided to make a new post because it was way too confusing to keep track of all the edits I had made.
Anyway, I am looking for a picture of a drum set. It MUST be taken from the drumer's point of view. That is because I want every aspect of TI-Band to be able to be played in an accurate depiction of how the actual instruments are played. Finally, the TI-Band template program is in the works. Also, if Kerm is reading this, I would love it if you would at least post your ideas about the TI-Band project.
The TI Band project is now dead. When I was making all of the instruments, it never seemed like that I was happy with what I made. That means I will be giving out the source so people can improve the coding. Just dont spam my email with: YOU NEED TO OPTIMIZE! TI Band was a fun project. Now I can work on my CAS without worrying about TI Band. This thread will be available to talk about TI Band.
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