Yes, you can use bitmaps to easily draw tiles that are a size larger than 8*8. However, for the type of game you're going for (a large open world), I imagine you want to use small tiles if anything so you can see more of the world at once. 8*8 tiles are generally easier to draw and tutorials exist for tilemappers with them, so I'd stick with them at least until you have a working knowledge of tilemappers and feel you can write one for different-sized tiles yourself.

Also, a note: Minecraft Pocket Edition has accrued a massive changelog/feature list and is still at version 0.7.1 alpha. It hasn't even hit major version 1.0 yet.
Oh, I thought it was 7.1 not 0.7.1! Well I messed up there I guess lol
Oh and can you show me an example of what a bitmap would look like thanks
I can, but again I would advise you not to try playing with more advanced Axe commands/graphics until you've established a base knowledge of how to write the game engine.

As for the Bitmap() command (and really most commands), I think you'll find that the information you're looking for is mostly covered in the Commands.html file included in each Axe release:

The bitmap data should have in order: width (1 byte), then height (1 byte), then the rows of the image padded with zeros to the nearest byte. Mode 0 is "Pt-On" logic and Mode 1 is "Pt-Change" logic. Mode 0 is used if unspecified.

For instance, here's a horrible 13*16 sprite of a man-robot thing I whipped up:

In the image, each byte of image data is separated by a cyan dotted line, and each nibble is separated by a cyan/red dotted line. And here's how that data might be formatted as a bitmap in Axe. Note that each row takes up two bytes (four characters) of hexadecimal data, because although 11 pixels only needs 11 bits, this is padded to the next multiple of 8 bits so each row takes up a whole number of bytes. I've put each row's data on a separate line for clarity, but that's not necessary. I'd usually just mush all 16 rows of data into one big hex string.


I think there may be tools that can do this conversion from images to Axe data for you, but I can't name any.

EDIT: Actually, of course I know of a tool: SourceCoder!
One more thing; how does the bitmap( command come into use? And when you string two or more sprites together what does that do?(make a big sprite or overlap the old one? Sry for all the qs.
The Bitmap() commands draws bitmaps. It comes into use when you want to draw a bitmap.

I'm not sure what you mean by "string two or more sprites together." If you mean having data for sprites immediately one after another, as in many Axe programs, it means nothing about how each individual sprite is displayed. However, it means that you can access the nth (0-indexed) sprite in a block of sprite data easily. This is very commonly used by tilemappers, which use the tile ID as the index into a "list" of contiguous sprites. For 8*8 monochrome sprites, which are 8 bytes large, this is commonly done in the form of T*8+Pic0, where T is the 0-indexed tile/sprite number and Pic0 is a pointer to the first sprite.

EDIT: If you meant including more than 8 bytes of data for a sprite and then using a Pt-xxx() command to draw it, the extra data does nothing. Those commands are only for drawing 8*8 sprites, so it will draw exactly the first 8 bytes of data pointed to as an 8*8 sprite. That's where the Bitmap() command comes in: drawing sprites that aren't 8*8.
whohoo!!! Thanks to Runer112 I finally understand tilemapping and can implement it into my code! Figured out the whole time I had been missing ONE symbol, causing the whole program to fail...I feel so stupid lol. By now I have memorized how to tilemap down to the last letter, considering how much time I spent trying to code it. Well now that I can pretty much create a tilemap with my eyes closed, I am going to most likely spend another week or so learning more advanced tilemap fuctions(such as physics and collision) and making a few test programs to see which way works best, and then most likely redo the entire game using tilemapping, but keeping the same textures and controls. The redone version will still be called Picraft 2, but may have a different on-calc name, as I will most likely just make a new program in case I need to look back at the old for some reason. Expect the next update within the next two weeks; for now the features that will for sure be included are:
*larger world types
*new blocks and maybe one or two items(sword, pick, etc.)
*if I do add items then will be the beginning of survival mode( a feature that no other minecraft like game has sucessfully made(tinycraft has the best, but still not a true survival gamemode))
*collision detection
*hopefully all of Picraft 2's features
If I do add all of this the game will most likely be called version 0.5.0(The game version has always been at 0._._ I just never included the extra zero at the front.) the reason for me skipping 3.0 and 4.0(or 0.3.0 and 0.4.0) is I am adding the majority of those features in this update, so technically I combined multiple updates into one large one.
As the come closer to the release I will give you more details of the update along with future updates, but for now that's all; hope you will like it:)
Hey anyone know how to output sprites at a given location(I'm trying to make it so you can place blocks?) Btw I'm using tilemap.(Sry if this is considered a double post; I am pretty sure someone told me after a certain period of time you are allowed to post again(please tell me if I am wrong so I won't do it again)
I believe the Pt-On/Off/Change commands would be what you're looking for. The each display an 8*8 sprite, but in a different way.

Pt-On uses OR logic, meaning that both the on pixels in the sprite and the on pixels in the area you're drawing your sprite to remain on.

Pt-Off overwrites the original screen content, and then displays the sprite.

Pt-Change uses XOR logic. This means that pixels on on either the sprite or the drawing area, but not both remain on.

The syntax for any of these three is as follows:
Pt-On(X-coordinate,Y-coordinate,sprite data)
A r is added at the end to draw it onto the back buffer, but this generally only applies if you want to utilize greyscale.

Hope that helps!
Progress is going at a decent rate; so far I have sucessfully implemented the game to tilemap, increased the world size, added some new blocks, and added some collision. Basically the only thing holding me back from releasing it can't build or destroy yet:-P And if you have ever played minecraft you will know that is quite important:) So I am currently trying to implement that into the game; while keeping it original. There are still many other things to be added and bugs to be fixed, but I probably won't fix all of them, just the major ones(ex: crashes, control fails, etc.) so when it's released dont be surprised if you find a bug or glitch in the game(if you do please say so though) I will try to fix as many of them as I can in this version, but I cannot garentee that all of them will be fixed in this version. This update will also most likely seem to decrease the games fun, as I am still not a big fan of tilemapping and am finding it hard to use in certain ways. (I really wish axe had a more neat and easy to use way of creating maps*sigh*)
Piguy-3.14 wrote:
This update will also most likely seem to decrease the games fun, as I am still not a big fan of tilemapping and am finding it hard to use in certain ways. (I really wish axe had a more neat and easy to use way of creating maps*sigh*)

How does the type of engine used directly affect how fun a game is? And what's wrong with tilemapping? May I note that you picked to work on a game concept that literally cannot be implemented in any way other than a tilemap.

If you're finding it difficult to create tilemaps manually, tileIt! by shmibs is an amazing tool for creating tilesets and tilemaps for Axe programs right on your calculator. Or if you'd like to develop on a computer, perhaps try Deep Thought's "sister" tool, Pixelscape.
Oh, I did not know there was a tool for creating tilemapps in axe, thank you for informing me, I will have to Check it out tomorrow when I get the chance; the reason it would decrease the games fun is that it makes it a little more difficult to play in my opinion(I have to optimize the controls) thanks once again Runer:)

Update* don't expect the update to be out as soon as it was supposed to; I am taking a break with tilemapps and Picraft 2 to work on another project I have been coding the last couple of weeks. Don't think I am giving up on Picraft 2, I just need a break from tilemapping, as it has made coding a lot less fun and I do not want to get to the point where coding becomes a pain and not a privalage:/

I have decided to forget adding tilemapps in Picraft 2, as it just is not working out in so many ways. That being said I have decided to redo the entire update, adding physics. I know I spent a lot of time on trying to implement tilemapping, and even though I succeeded, I soon realized that it would effect so many things and make future programming a lot harder for me, as most axe tutorials do not use tilemap. The good news though is that I am already about 75% done with the physics update. It will include the following features:
-most likely a menu>in progress<
-flying, can be used instead of the jetpack>started<
-automatic progress saving>done<
-jetpacks(if you like to fly in style:P)>done<
-smooth scrolling for the character>done<
-boundries for the border of the map>done<
-acceleration and deceleration>done<
-possibly potions(for now it would be swiftness, slowness, and leaping(makes you jump longer))>most likely not being added<
-hopefully block collision(not sure how I am going to implement that yet)>could use some help with<
-the ability to parkour(this also depends on if I can figure out how to implement block collision)>not yet started<
That is what I plan to add as of now(this may change before the release.) hope you will enjoy it:) (if anyone knows a way to add collision for blocks that the user places please say so.)

Lol I 'accidentally' added the ability to save your progress(it is automatic so there is nothing you have to do.) I seriously do not know how I managed to accidentally code autosave into the game, but somehow I did I guess and it works great to, it may even work after a ram clear if you have archived the game(I have not tested this though.)

Update* I am now going to add the ability to fly without being affected by gravity in case block collisions do not work out. Also I am considering adding potions; how does that sound? It actually would not be difficult, except for the fact I am running low on controls(I've used up almost every button), and am not sure how to make an inventory, so adding potions would be somewhat difficult. If anyone knows a solution for a inventory(preferably a spritesheet) please tell me, as I am running out of room:o Also please do give me your opinion of the game; your thought of what it's like, or what you think should be added. Your reviews give me inspiration and ideas for what to do next. In my opinion, what you guys suggest is usually what I did not even considered, so tell me what you think the game needs, every suggestion counts;)

Update* I've decided not to add potions-yet anyway, as after coding them into the game I realized they almost doubled the game in size, and seemed to cause a lot of errors:( Until I figure out a better solution for adding potions, I am not going to as like i said, it creates many bugs and drastically increases the size of the game. I think I may go ahead and add a simple menu though, as the game is a little strange feeling without one. As for collision testing, I am still no where near figuring it out and am wondering if I should delay it until the next update, though that would make the controls in this version very hard and the game would be very unprofessional so I may not have a choice... If you have a way of testing pixels please tell me as I need some...
Just got back from a robotics/engineering/programming class so now I can once again work on the update and hopefully get collision in...

Update* I am having no luck with collision, I really do not want to release 0.3.0 until I get collision in or at least another fly mode like the original so you can at least do something with your charachter... If you either know a way to add user block placed collision without tilemap or a way to change controls midgame(I want it to be so you can turn physics on and off, but my method makes the game triple in size and causes a lot of bugs) so if you can provide me with a good tutorial or if that is not an option at least a code with some info, but please do not just give me a code blindly so I can do this myself later... I don't want to release an unprofessional update...
I think I'm going to stop working on the Picraft 2 0.3.0 update for a while to work on my other project, a particle simulation game(a game similar to the hit web game, powder game) The reason I want to start working on this is because Cemetech is holding a contest about physics and this game would fit that category quite well. Also I'm getting a little tired of working with Picraft and need a break. I started this game a little over a week ago, but had been thinking of it for around a month. As of now all you can do is place one element, stone. I plan to add at least sand, acid, void, bomb, and maybe water before the initial release. I also am most likely going to add a player that you can interact with and control. The only reason I may not be able to enter it into the contest is the fact that you are supposed to be able to teach something physic related in your program, and unless you consider learning that acid can burn through any substance but glass, or bombs can destroy multiple particles at once, or that sand falls then this game is not very educational, just fun... I do see one problem that I will encounter with this game... Each element is only one pixel wide, and there are only three colors you can make, black grey and white, it will be extremely difficult to tell each element apart from another element. Anyway that's all for now, if you have any suggestions on how to separate elements other than color please say so.
Piguy-3.14 wrote:
if you have any suggestions on how to separate elements other than color please say so.

Well... a tilemap ?

Seriously, tilemapping is not an obscure thing, it is just you reading in the map and displaying things. It doesn't need more than two For loops (even one if you optimize, especially since the screen is 8 sprites high).

I even managed to write a tilemapper in ASM after only one week of learning and only Basic as a coding background.
We spoke repeatedly about tilemaps to Piguy in SAX; unfortunately, he seemed to have difficulty wrapping his head around them. I suggested that he get started with a smaller project to get more experience with the language first.
Ok so here is what I am going to do concerning the 0.3.0 update; I am going to finish off anything I have started, fix any bugs, then release it. Will be out later today unless something goes wrong. Please note that this is not a very good update and only download it if you are ok with what I'm changing. Here is the changes:
-will have physics
-acceleration and deceleration
-jetpacks(not 100% done but work)
-map boundaries so the player won't escape
-slightly improved the code
I know I had said that autosave was going to be in this update, but then I realized it caused a major bug and I decided to remove it. If you noticed there is NO pixel collision yet! If you want the player to still be able to be placed on a block do not get this update, also that is the reason there are no new blocks, as this is an optional update, only get it if your ok with your player falling through blocks otherwise just wait until the next update. In the next update I am going to re-attempt tilemapping, and try to get it to work without it causing problems like the last time I tried, if I can implement a GOOD tmap engine and get the game to work with it then collision will most likely be added, that's pretty much it for now.

Edit* Good news, the next update(0.3.5) is coming along great, so far it is going to include:
-re-added dirt
-added snow
-now placing a block will display its name at the top of the screen in case you are not sure what you are placing
-added ore(dice the calculator is not color, one ore can be used for anything)
-added ladders(they are just for show since you have a jetpack)
I will add a few more blocks as before I release it along with a few more miscellaneous features, the update should be out within the next 24 hours unless something goes wrong, hope you like it;) also I MAY add a health bar to signify the beginning of survival...

Edit* Yay! Update 0.3.5 is complete, and I am getting ready to submit it for review to both Cemetech and ticalc. This update includes:
-new blocks to build with(snow, dirt, ore, ladder)
-placing a block now displays its name at the top of the screen
-added autosave
-added a health bar
-a few other small features
This was an unusually quick update and is not too big so I am still keeping it in the 0.3 class. I hope you enjoy it;) btw the health bar does not do anything as of yet, as there are no current threats in the game, the next update may include some though:)

If anyone has
Any suggestions/requests for version 0.4.0 I'd be glad to hear em, please do tell me anything you want and ill do my best to add it:)

Edit*i have a question for anyone who might know, can you somehow use the basic menu command in axe? Like is there a way to run a sub program in basic? I want to make a ton of different menus for my game like inventory crafting title screen etc. but don't want to hand make each menu. Can I do something like if getkey equals whatever then execute the next section of code(a menu) using basic commands. Please tell me if what I am trying to do is possible.
Sry for no info for a long time, I've been sooo busy this last month and haven't had time to work Picraft 2 yet, also my calcs out of battery and I may not get some for another week, once school starts ill have more freetime in class to work on it.
My bad for not posting anything for so long, have been busy with varsity soccer lately along with school and what not.the next update is finally under way, here is a list of things being added for sure or almost for sure:
-Oak saplings(for now they just instantly grow into trees, no delay, trying to find a way to delay the growth without slowing the entire game)
-TNT(once again the explosion is instant, as I can't delay it without slowing the game)
-a menu of some sort hopefully
-a terrain generator of some type
-other features not yet decided on
As always help is needed and would be greatly appreciated, I am not good enough to add some needed features like collision and any help would be great, also if you would like me to keep updating the game please say so, as if no one even plays it I don't see a point of taking my time to work on it...
I'm glad to hear that this project hasn't been abandoned, and I certainly more than understand that the pressures of real life often make it impossible (or at least a bad idea) to focus too hard on personal projects. I think that your feature list seems sane and realistic, and I'm particularly interested in seeing what the algorithmic backing to your terrain generator will be like. I definitely think it's worthwhile for you to work on this, to address your last comment. Minecraft for TI calculators is a very popular concept, even if the current programs that purport to be a TI Minecraft of some sort are very lacking.
Thank you, am working on a menu and it works fine, but has a major bug so I am still trying to fix that. As of now I'm thinking that the terrain generator will use random numbers for the fist couple of layers, then make there be a 50/50 chance of placing blocks, being higher or lower depending on how many blocks border it, still not sure how I'm gonna make it place multiple block types correctly though...
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