Bought aTi-86 on ebay for about 14$ spent an hour or 2 soldering the broken parts on it. (battery acid corroded a handful of vias and traces)
Bottom of board

Top of Board

Functions great now. I hope it lasts!
I think the '86 is a great calculator - pity it has no flash. I did not like the 89 series as I found the GUI a bit fussy. Nice work.
Great find and impressive fix. And allows the user to type in lowercase!

Here's what Wiki says about the TI 86:

"The TI-86 can be thought of as the tier among various Texas Instruments calculators directly above the TI-83 and TI-84 line. In addition to having a larger screen than the TI-83, the TI-86 also allows the user to type in lower case and Greek letters and features five softkeys, which improve menu navigation and can be programmed by the user for quick access to common operations such as decimal-to-fraction conversion. The calculator also handles vectors, matrices and complex numbers better than the TI-83. One drawback, however, is that the statistics package on the TI-83 range doesn't come preloaded on the TI-86. However, it can be downloaded from the Texas Instruments program archive and installed on the calculator using the link cable."
Well done, geekboy. Your soldering should outlast my 81 and 82.
Nice fix, geekboy! Every single broken TI-86 I've found on eBay has missing rows in the LCD, indicating that the plastic "cable" used for the LCD's rows (there are separate cables for the columns and rows) was designed or attached quite poorly. I was able to re-melt the glue on one successfully, and so far it seems like a reasonably successful fix, but I'm giving it more time to see if it actually stays fixed.
How did I not see this topic! Yes, they do tend to unglue a lot more. Why, I don't know.

Geekboy, Good job there, looks better than anything I would have done Razz .
And sadly, that fix has slowly been failing; it's not a long-term fix. I need to find a more permanent way to repair TI-86 LCDs. Oh, and I don't know if people have noticed, but TI-82 columns tend to fail as frequently as TI-86 rows.
You could reflow it Kerm all you nee& is a toaster oven
yeah I put all my electronics in my oven
Be careful about the temperature sensitivity of the traces, and try to fill your toaster with helium or argon first Very Happy
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