I like the icon creator that come with DCS7, but is there another program that lets you draw the icon pixel by pixel?
The icon creator bolds all of the pixels.
If by bold you mean that each pixel is a 2x2 square then that's normal. The editor in DCS7 is larger than the icon itself. I couldn't find the icon editor that comes with DCS7 so I am using the cursor editor as my reference.

It makes precision editing easier.

I'm talking about the Icon creator, or Header creator that comes with DCS7.1 (Not the BETA 7.2)
I just wish that there was a program (PC, or calc) that would create 16x16 icons, I don't like the 8x8 icons.
Lucky for you, TokenIDE can do that.
Sprite2Hex is also an oncalc alternative.
Tools->Hex Sprite Editor:

Change the width and height to 16x16:

Click to toggle the pixel:

Then press Insert to put it into your program:

I'm pretty sure SourceCoder can do this, too.
Noticed that I deleted the post. (I thought that you we talking about TokenIDE for DCS7, the oncalc DDE>Program converter.
That's called Tokenizer DE.
You could use Skylites Icon Suite Beta! It is a program that lets you draw the icon, 8x8 or 16x16, oncalc, and also sets it up with the rest of the header in the program of your choice, or creates a new program! It uses a nice DCS7 GUI as well. The only problem is it is in beta, beta 1, and some things are dysfunctional. Version beta 2 is epic and complete, but got lost in the que somehow; I am trying to re-upload it.

[EDIT] Post number 300 - Power User! Epic!
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