I downloaded your awesome program from www.calculatorti.com and whenever I try to run it I get to the main screen but after I make a selection my ti-83+ calculator it reads "ERR: INVALID DIM." I followed all the steps in the readme and I was wodering what I did wrong. Might there be another place to download this same program?
I've never seen the website you referred to before. What program did you download there?
Sorry, I meant I dowloaded it from www.ticalc.org
piano4lifez wrote:
Sorry, I meant I dowloaded it from www.ticalc.org
You still haven't said what program you downloaded, and who you mean when you say "your program". Smile
This whole post doesn't make sense to me. Please be cautious when exploring the site guys.

What read me? Read mes don't typically cover program errors but they will say something along the lines of letting the programmer know. It would be nice to know what program you downloaded and what calculator you have. It could be that the program you downloaded wont work on that calculator despite the calculator recognizing the program.
Iím sorry for the confusion that Iím causing. Here is what I meant to say. A couple of weeks ago I downloaded a program from ticalc.org from a link that I cannot recall the name of nor find after searching it and I downloaded it on my computer to transfer it to my Texas instrument Ti-83 Plus graphing calculator. Once I downloaded the online program it led me to a folder and that folder contained some .8xp Ti Connect Program Code and a readme text document that I believed served as instructions for how to run the program. After reading the readme is how I was able to reach this website and it explained to me how to download each specific code program into my Ti-83 Plus graphing calculator. However, after I did all that the readme text document told me and ran the program on my calculator it still didnít work. So thatís when I decided to leave a comment to see if it was just my calculator that was the problem or maybe if it was the program that was wrong. I hope this is the information you were looking for.
What are the name(s) of the programs it had you type up?
Edit: Do you still have the readme? What author and program name is at the top of the readme, if any? What kind of program or game is it?
I'm not exactly sure what you mean by that? The programs inside the folder were titiled as follows: MATHPACK, ZZALGEBR, ZZARCHIV, ZZZCALC, ZZZCHEM, ZZZCLEAN, ZZZTRIG, ZZZVOLUM.

Edit: This is what is in the readme file:
Thanks for using the Five Pack Of Math Beta By Aes Sedia5.

To begin send all programs to your calculator.

The programs named MATHPACK and ZZARCHIV will go to ram

Everything else will go to your Archive (all programs beggining in Z)

Then Simply run MATHPACK and Move the box onto the program you want to run. Then inside that program just simply press the button of the function you would like to use. Then follow onscreen instructions.

If you find any problems please post them at.

Or email me at Kingrj554@yahoo.com. Or private message me at cemetech.net.

A special thanks to Weregoose for helping me with my code, and to the other Ti Elites at cemetech.net

Also if their is anything that you feel I should add, Please contact through one of the methods above and let me know so I can improve the program further! Thanks for using the Five Pack Of Math!

Aes Sedia5
http://www.ticalc.org/archives/files/fileinfo/442/44235.html That one
Then I think this is it, correct?

I notice that the description says " THis is a beta program that I am entering into a z80 programming contest. Please do not use any of this code in your programs until you contact me first. My contact information is included. "

Edit: Ahh, it's Aes_Sedia5's program. He pointed to this topic on Cemetech.
Yes! It's that one
I'm not using any of the code... rather I just wanted to use the program (I think that's why the programs are up {although I may be completly wrong})
piano4lifez wrote:
I'm not using any of the code... rather I just wanted to use the program (I think that's why the programs are up {although I may be completly wrong})
Please don't double-post. Edit your post if it's within 24 hours and no one has responded yet. You said you typed the programs in by hand, rather than just sending the .8xp files to your calculator? Is that correct? Also, what calculator do you have?
No, I just dowloaded the program from the website to my computer and transfered it onto my calculator (a Texas Instrument Ti-83 Plus Graphing Calculator running on version 1.19)

Edit: I didn't touch the code at all in other words
Edit: When I wrote transfer I mean just move the file onto my calculator, not copy the code
Weird, I don't know where I got that idea. Anyway, I'm sure it will be easy for Aes_Sedia5 to help you figure it out. I have contacted him on Facebook to take a look at this topic.
Hey Thanks Kerm for poking me on facebook. been so busy i have not had time to look here in awhile.

Piano you are more than welcome to use the programs for yourself. As in :
Learning how the code works

If you plan on using these programs or copying code to make your own programs that will be realized, Please send me a PM and give me some credit in your readme. If you want to copy code just for the sake of your own learning i am fine with that.

Anything else you want to know?


I missed your first post somehow. Its possible you have an early beta version for my program. Try the version posted here on Cemetech.net and that should work for you. Here is the link

If you have any other problems just post them here and i will do my best to fix them.
Thanks Aes_Sedia5, for some reason this new link worked perfectly and yes I'm only planning on using the program for school and studying. Thanks for making this program and by the way that a legit signature!
Thanks Very Happy
and your welcome for the program. i remember having that bug and fixing it, but i dont think i put the new version on TIcalc.org. Cemetech will always be up to date on my programs. Feel free to come by any time and drop me a PM in cemetech or have Kerm throw me a message if you need anymore help, he knows how to find me. Very Happy
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