i wish i had a cable to hook this up to the computer
when i got mine from school it only had that link to connect calc to calc...
and i don't even use it for math Razz
Laughing None of us do anymore. Smile
I do...lol..
So anyway, let's review

>> scrollbug
>> basic execution?
and add the error handlers
>error handlers
>scroll crash
>basic execution
I don't know if it has been mentioned, but when I ran a basic game, the text output locations were off. They were correct when executed through the prgm menu, though.
Thanks. Smile That's what I meant by BASIC Execution errors.
>error handlers
>scroll crash
>basic execution
No problem. I am new to this forum, but i have had previous versions of doors. I think it is a neat little project, and I am looking forward to the non-buggy final version to come, along with the external hardware support. Any chance that you will be including MirageOS ASM support? All I saw was Mirage BASIC support included, but since I don't have any ASM games on my calc right now I can't say for sure. If it was included, that would pretty much cover most of the assembly needs of the gaming world.
Indeed. I have researched MirageOS support and it looks like it might not be as formidible as I expected: in fact, most of the routines are just for MOS GUIs, so I wouldn't have to write those.

Welcome to Cemetech!
Welcome to Cemetech! Smile

And I would have answered the question, but saw Kerm answered before I could (i.e. looked at the topic review window...) Smile
Haha, nice. I should make SAX tell you that "so and so is composing a reply in topic"
KermMartian wrote:
2. Yes you can. Confused
3. Ummmm....what do you mean?

2. You can only have one PRGM in a folder at once. Basicly only one in any folder at once. It will not move my other prgms into a folder. It moves one but I try the other and it screws up and wont move it. No crashes, it just wont respond.

3. Well, I have never used Stop. But the first PRGM I used it closed the prgm after running it in DCS but it did not return to DCS like it should, it went to the home screen.

2. I've never run into that before. Can you try to duplicate it?
3. Then someone else did.
2. I found that non associated files cannot be moved into folders. I tried moving one file that i made a DCS icon for and it moved, but it was'nt untill after I added an Icon to my other program that it moved. It would just sit there like I was'nt doing anything.

3. I found the problem. the problem was that I had a program accociated with another, and when I closed one of them the only way to close the other was to put a Stop code in the program. This was with using my older version of TInternet. Which by the way, I am almost finished making the TI-NET branch of prgms for the calc to work.

2. OK, so you could only get progs with DCS icons to move? What kind of programs were the ones that wouldn't move?
KermMartian wrote:
2. OK, so you could only get progs with DCS icons to move? What kind of programs were the ones that wouldn't move?

I think he meant that the folder would only let him have all DCS with icons, or all without icons....
Oh, ok. I'll see what I can do.
KermMartian wrote:
2. OK, so you could only get progs with DCS icons to move? What kind of programs were the ones that wouldn't move?

The regular TI BASIC progs were basicly not even allowed in side a folder, the only types i've tested right now are DCS and TIBASIC, but only DCS would move, TI BASIC would'nt.

But multiple DCS files would move? This is a very strange error/bug...
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