Alright, I have the file downloaded, I just need to get a ROM dump of my 84+. Any program that does this without crashing the calc???

I also still have to upload TI-Connect to the comp, plus get the apache and what not stored... Right now I am workin on the FF download, which is currently at 56%...

Anyway, once I have TI-Connect, how does one get the image??
Try using the ROM dumper for VTI - that only works with a Blacklink though. You can get some romdumper programs from
Is that what you used??? I don't want my calc to crash...

BTW, my new system ROCKS!!!! Very Happy
yeah, I used rom8x. It didn't crash mine, just be sure to read the readme, you will need an OS file when you are done
[By the way guys, don't mention trying to Google "ti83p_112.rom" or anything like that; remember, sharing ROMs with people who don't have the physical calc is illegal]
Yes, but we also know that I have 4 83+ type calcs. Wink

Thanks, I will check out Rom8x. Smile
Clearly you didn't understand. Let me rephrase that. Do not Google "ti83p_112.rom" to find a ROM. It wouldn't be nice.
I hadn't planned on it. Sad I know I have to get it legally, and after I get the OS from TI, then I can have a Rom image...
You realize Kerm is being sarcastic right Rolling Eyes Oh, wait, no he isn't Wink
I can't get the blasted thing to compile it. Sad Hey rivereye, do you think you could help me out??
ok, you sent the files to the calc and ran them right? Then pulled the right files, then used a command line to compile?

you can't just double click the convertor thing
I have a *cough*ROM*cough* that you could use since you already own the calc, and I dont have any commercial Apps on it
rivereye wrote:
ok, you sent the files to the calc and ran them right? Then pulled the right files, then used a command line to compile?

you can't just double click the convertor thing

I tried to go through the command line prompt... I am going to try moving the files around, and running from there... (I am using a Partitioned disk, so it is split in to Drives C and E, and the command prompt automatically looks at E:...


That didn't work... I need to see if I can find the images that I already posses, I just can't remember if they are on my laptop, or on a CD...


I have an image, and it works, though is there anyway to get into the memory, and delete stuff???


Nevermind, I figured it out. Now to send Pokemon files to it...


Tried to send files to PTI, but all I get is a transmission error. I am guessing I am supposed to use the send file that I downloaded off of the site, but it doesn't so anything...


Pokemon and ZGA were the only files that I could get sent to PTI. The rest gave an error... Crying I want to give you guys an animated screenie...
Let me be more ***ing obvious: you own the calc, so it's legal for you to download the ROM from Google!!. Gosh, how subtle do I have to be? :/
Crying Crying Crying Crying

Can someone, anyone please tell me why it won't accept files.

Crying Crying Crying Crying

I tried using the send file, but all it does is flash on the screen and not do anything... Sad
No no, just drag files into it! Put pindurti in the foreground, then drag the file onto the active screen.
I tried that, it just gives me a transmission error...
Is the calc on and at the homescreen?
Yes. prgmPOKEMON and prgmZGA both took, but the rest of them cause a transmission error...
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