So my first that I think could be really useful is to one: create a CalcNet "cloud" that lets you store and access data and files directly from your calculator. You wouldn't need a lot of space, probably only a couple megabytes per person, considering that this is supposed to be used from a calculator. Second, it would be really, really, really cool if Gossamer could directly download 8xk, 8xp etc. files and install them directly to the calculator. You wouldn't need software such as Tilp or TI-Connect to do so, the calculator would download the files itself. Another handy trick would be for gCn to be able to unzip zip files and send the contents directly to the calculator. For example, I could go to, choose a zip file to download, and receive the files inside of the zip file on my calculator. I could theoretically choose a program from and download it directly to my calc so that it would appear in the programs list etc. I'm certain there are more ideas floating around and I'm also sure some of this is possible. Now whether it really is able to be considered as a goal anytime soon is beyond my ability to figure. :)
You should take a look at the Sandpaper application, which although unfinished lets you directly access files from the and (eventually) Cemetech archives. You can also link up to your friends locally or across globalCALCnet and exchange files.
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