I need some sort of TI-84 for school ASAP. I am interested in the new TI-84 Plus C Silver Edition, but all of my local retail stores that TI's website says that cary the TI-84 Cs do not claim to stock this. Is this because TI hasn't shipped consumer batches to retail stores yet? If so, does anyone have a timeframe as to when they would be available at a retail store? I would really like tot have the C Edition, but because of my immediate needs, I would end up having to get the basic edition if I cannot find a C soon.

This is where some of us were able to purchase it.
Thank you for directing me to this seller. Does anyone know about retail availability?
You can call them or send them an email to verify they still have some in stock. I got mine a few days after ordering through them. I know a few others had pretty good luck. If you are outside the USA, you might need to make sure they send via USPS. DJ_O might be best to ask about that stuff, as he had to deal with that getting his.
I have contacted many my local retail stores in US and none of them seem to even carry it yet, regardless of the fact that TI's website lists the stores as selling the new calculator. If I can't immediately get one within the next 24 hours or so, I'm just going to bite the bullet and buy an old one.
Well, the link above actually does sell it, directly to the general consumer. I got mine there. It's just hard telling if they are sold out or not, hence you might want to contact just to be sure of that.
I think Underwood now includes USPS as shipping option. It's slightly more expensive but with UPS Ground/Basic, when your item arrives, they ask you a $65 ransom (which claims to be taxes and customs clearance fees) so you can get your package. With USPS the initial shipping charges is slightly higher, but it includes taxes (in 99% cases) and customs stuff. It can take a bit longer for the item to arrive and tracking is unreliable, though.

I wouldn't be surprised if retail stores didn't carry the calc until next school year starts. I know at the local Staples store they're clearing out Nspire stock and reduced the 84+SE price, but there are still no CSE calc available.
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