Should jsTIfied have sound?
 75%  [ 12 ]
I don't know
 0%  [ 0 ]
What do you mean by "sound" on a calculator?!?!?!
 12%  [ 2 ]
No, it's not needed.
 12%  [ 2 ]
Total Votes : 16

I was trying to test my Omnicalc music program using jsTIfied, but jsTIfied doesn't do sound! Sad , would it be possible to use sound with jsTIfied? I have Omnicalc installed on the emulator, and my syntax is correct (I pulled it off of my calculator), and it works on my calculator.
Any tips, or anything will help me.
Wabbitemu supports sound, but with a delay. So if your program only does sound or doesn't need the sound to be synced with the screen, you can use Wabbitemu for your tests.
But I agree that if jsTIfied doesn't support sound, that would be a great feature to be added Wink
yeah it will be cool to have sound cause then i mustent tes t sound progs on my calc
I have Wabbitemu, but I can't use it on EVERY computer.
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