Just wanted to announce my project here ^^

Battlemasters is a fully graphical calulator RPG for the TI83+/84+ series, massively utilizing the awesome powers of tr1p1ea´s xLIb 0.6.

It will contain the following stuff:

- a big world map (estimated: 8*8*16*16=16384 tiles + dungeons and cities)
- a turn graphical turn-based battle system with multiple creeps and a (hopefully) smart AI
- a storyline, of course! (what would a good RPG be without a good story)

support for multiplayer (PvP match) will be later be added as an engine upgrade if I still have the time and motivation Wink


looks cool
thx man Smile
yeah, looking great, hope to see some progress on this
Echo that statement.
Is xLib on ticalc? I haven't seen it anywhere.
/me searches ticalc and doesn't find it.

Nope. Methinks it was there before? Maybe tr1p1ea chose to get it off ticalc?
Maybe. Don't know why he would do that, though.
Thanks. I'll look at it tonight.
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