This morning (for us in Europe), an anonymous person posted what he pretends to be a nLaunch for CX: ,

nlcxguy wrote:

I'd first like to thanks the nLaunch team for their awesome tool!
After weeks and weeks of hard work, I am proud to present you nLaunch CX Very Happy

Please spread the word so people do not upgrade their calculator to the next OS version without using TNOC!!

nLaunch CX features the same functionalities as nLaunch, on Clickpad, Touchpad and CX Nspire:
* launching Linux (modified nspire-linux-loader2)
* optionally installing Ndless 3.1 on OS 3.1 (modified Ndless loader)
* installing and launching any OS

Hope it will work fine for all of you!

nLaunch Guy

Given today's date, skepticism is warranted. But my own testing shows that he's not merely pretending that what he uploaded is nLaunch for CX (!!) - it actually works. Like nLaunch, it's based on arbitrary code execution in the boot2... and, BTW, the contents of the .tco and .tcc shows that it's the same kind of vulnerability, in the same group of functions as on the Clickpad / Touchpad.
I tested a single thing (before having breakfast...), but my CX CAS Nspire is now single-booting Linux, without going through TI's OS. Smile

nlcx is making the same recommandation as we've been making for years: use TNOC before upgrading one's own Nspires' OS !

We'll keep you informed about testing and new development about nLaunch CX, and we warmly thank "nLaunch CX guy".

It's another wonderful day for the Nspire community Smile
We thought it was impossible, but somebody did it...

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The above quote can be found in this post here, by the way.

And it sounds awesome Smile
Still not convinced... But I might try this Smile
By the way is it still possible to run the original OS?
Trying it should convince you, if the fact that I am not known for making low-grade puns hasn't convinced you Wink

By the way is it still possible to run the original OS?

Looks like so, according to the post and the README.
Umm, okay. So I downloaded this... It seems kinda legit indeed.
Tho the installation procedure seems kind of scary <_<
nLaunch CX is real.

Here is my first news about launching a CX CAS OS on a non-CAS TI-Nspire CX:

Some photos if you still don't believe me:

Boot2 code injection:

CX CAS OS on non-CAS CX:

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