With a nod to our cousins in Europe and more specifically here in the UK; has anyone written a cable sizing calculation program for electrical installation designers ? This could be modeled on "CableCalc" and is based around Ohm's Law for the most part.
I notice that HP have a wealth software aimed at serious applications and concur with Kerm's assertion that we need more serious applications for the TI-8X family.
In the states I know designers work with the NEC codes but it's different in the UK. I was also rather supprised at the cost of the commercial software for the HP range. This could be a project for myself as I have done something similar in MS Excel: however a portable version for a calculator must surely be required by somebody...?
Sounds like it would be useful to somebody, but probably not any of us (we're more into small-signal electronics rather than power, around here). Seems like the main difficulty might be getting people to know this program exists, since I'm sure there are people that might find it useful.
I'm sure it would be attractive to some large-signal electrical engineers out in the field, if they still carry around a TI calculator (or perhaps as impetus to do so). If it would be useful to you and worth your programming time, I'd say go for it.
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