At last, Doors CS has begun the transition to a Flash Application (app). Going from using 6.5K of RAM and having a full feature set to using 16.3K of ROM and have at least twice as many features has been seen as a good move: it will decrease the frustration of redownloading DCS following random RAM clears, allow the preservation of precious RAM for games and programs, and allow many more features to be packed it. Among the current featureset in development for Doors CS 6 are networking/web access, full GUI and filesystem routines for programs, and support for MirageOS and CrunchyOS files. Enjoy an animated screenshot from one of the first developer builds below!

Yay! Now I can finally use without fear of RAM clear! Congrats, Kermo!
Keep in mind that not everything works yet - I need to remove all SMC code. So far the features I've ported appear to be stable though.
Surprised Looks awesome! I wish I had an 83+...82's not cutting it anymore...
Indeed, you definitely need an 83+.
I got a b-day coming up soon, so I'm gonna beg for an 84+SE. Hopefully I'll get one...then I can start to learn to program it!
Awesome, then you can beta-test this as well. Smile
Alright! I really hope I get one...I've been wanting to learn ASM for quite some time now (and advanced BASIC->I suck).
Lookin good. Smile

How much code have you had to change to make it an app? If I remember an earlier conversation correctly, the app doesn't support bcalls, correct?
It supports bcalls, but not all of them. Specifically, you have to rewrite any _vputs and _puts calls (text to screen). Also, I have to remove all SMC (self-modifying code)
Oh yeah, that's right. Smile Is there any other major differences in the programming of the Apps? (I am trying to ask intelligent quuestions... Razz)

Also, when do you think you will be able to release version 5.5.1b??
Well, you need to make sure that you're not handing the TI-OS any handles to functions or strings that it's going to screw up on; these need to be copied to RAM first. And of course, I need to rewrite the ion routine handlers. Sad
Well, you could ask DWedit for assistance on that, because I never had one problem with Crunchy OS running Ion games, so I know his shell and its "handlers" are stable...
Aye, indeed. I'm definitely expecting to talk to him about CrunchyOS and MOS support in DCS6. So I think you might even get an app beta by the end of the week!
Sweet. Very Happy

Two other questions: (I am sure you are getting sick of em now... Razz)

1) Did you figure out the scroll bug?

2) Any idea if porting to an App will get rid of the memory loss problem that running Pokemon causes currently, or have you even an idea what is causing said problem? (i.e. theories?)
1) No - that's not supposed to be there. I suspected I released the wrong beta or something :/
2) I sure hope so, but I certainly haven't a clue what's causing such a weird problem.
<3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3


Finally, DCS is growing up :0
BASIC subprogs: tested, working
BASIC autoarc/unarc: tested, working
Scrolling: tested, buggy
Manual Program Deletion: tested, buggy
Manual Arc/unarc: tested, buggy
Cut/Copy/Ren/Paste: tested, buggy
Ion programs: untested
DCS programs: untested
BASIC programs: tested, working
Folder creation: tested, working

Looks like there's something affecting _all_ the prop menu functions...
Seems that way...

Are you going to try to integrate a password system into DCS?? What about the ability to start the app, when turing on the calc? (i.e. the start up app...)
but of course! I most certainly am!
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