@Bombu - there's [u]plenty[/b] of notebook parts on ebay...
KermMartian wrote:
@Bombu - there's [u]plenty[/b] of notebook parts on ebay...

lol... Laughing

You have to search for Laptop, as a general term, then on the left of the search results, (Or maybe in the center of the page) There shoudl be a catagory for Laptop parts and networking...
Indeed. And the prices tend to be fairly good!
Hp Tech Suport wrote:
Jasmine: Hello ---.
Jasmine: Welcome to HP Total Care for Pavilion Notebooks. My name is Jasmine. How may I assist you today?

Bombu: I recently recieved a Pavilion N5425 Notebook (AMD) - (F3924H) for free and it needs some parts. While the battery still had charge we tried it out. It seems to have some screen problems.
Jasmine: Sure, I'll help you with this.
Jasmine: Could you please elaborate the issue you are experiencing?

Bombu: The screen flips vertically.
Jasmine: Okay.
Jasmine: May I know the serial and product numbers of your Pavilion Notebook?
Jasmine: You may find this information underneath the Notebook on a service tag.

Bombu: Ok, just a second
Jasmine: Sure.
Bombu: Serial #: --- Product #: ---
Jasmine: Thank you for the information.
Jasmine: By the information provided above I checked the database and find that the notebook is out warranty.

Bombu: Could it be that the keyboard is missing, so it's screws no longer help to hold the board? (Titling the screen all the way back causes it to go off)
Jasmine: At this moment, as per the information you have given me, the problem needs a more detailed analysis for which a physical examination of the system is required.
Jasmine: Your best option would be to visit your nearest Service Center. Our service personnel would be glad to assist you with this.

Bombu: How much would it cost?
Jasmine: --- , I'm sorry to say that the price information is not available with us.
Jasmine: It seems to be a hardware issue, could be either with the system board or the LCD Panel. To isolate where the problem actually lies, try connecting an external monitor.

Bombu: External monitors work fine
Jasmine: ---, then the issue is with the LCD Panel on the notebook.
Jasmine: You have to replace the LCD with the new one.

Bombu: Could it be something that could be fixed, or would the panel have to be replaced? (I can't afford $500 dollars)
Jasmine: ---, in order to resolve the issue you have to replace the LCD panel on the notebook.
Jasmine: Shall I provide the part number of the LCD Panel for the notebook ?

Bombu: I can't afford a new lcd.
Bombu: Thanks for the help.

I could still try a service center to see what they say. If it is the panel itself, then why does it go out if it is tilted back as far as it will go? (If not, I guess I won't try fixing it, $500 is too much for me to afford and a laptop that has to be hooked to a tv or external monitor is kind of ueless.)

@Kerm: I just checked ebay, the prices I found (after shipping) are basically the same as HP's prices. All laptop hds are either too expensive, (already bid on) or Paypal only.
hang on...

Bah, my comp is having a problem, I was gonna look for you, but no such luck...
I just want to point out that that was a robot, if you didn't know. Smile
KermMartian wrote:
I just want to point out that that was a robot, if you didn't know. Smile

Are you sure? If so, a very well made one. That wasn't the entire conversation, there was a bit more at the end and right after the purchasing a new lcd part. Smile

After the purchasing a new lcd part. I asked if it was fixable right as the person/bot said it wasn't. i typed "took a bit too long to type that. Smile", the person/bot responded with something similar to "thats ok".

When I said "Thanks for the help. Bye" I was told "just a moment..." and the person/bot said that from what I said, it is likely that the lcd panel itself was the problem and probably couldn't be repaired.

Now that I think about it, I think I was talking to a bot and a person. Some of the responses were very bot-like and other were too human to be a bot (usually appeared after a delay, unlike the other answers)

EDIT: Although, some evidence of me speaking to a bot is the fact that some of what I said was pretty much ignored, such as one part where i tried to explain the problem in greater detail and what happened when the lcd was tilted back.

Although this is kinda offtopic.
Well, I know why tilting it back makes it go off - the LCD connector may be slightly fractured inside, so tilting it too far makes the wires inside part. You can get a new cable, or just not tilt the screen all the way back . Smile
Could that cause the srambled/fliping screen as well? The screen seems to change what it does slightly when tilted diferent ways. By the way Kerm, I don't thing the plug is fractured. It just doesn't snap in, I think the keyboard is meant to help hold it in. My dad and brother are under the opinion that $43 or greater is too much to possibly find out that it is useless. Any idea if it would be possible to make a power supply for cheaper (or buy one soewhere that outputs 19v and patch it in)? That way we could find out if the screen is in need of being replaced.
If your school has an EE lab of some sort, just find a variable-output power supply and set it to 19v/~3A, patch in a plug (make sure you get polarity right), and see what you've got.
We have some sort of variable power source at my school (I've seen it set up for hydrolysis experiments), but I don't know how variable it is (I think it has a set voltage for each set of posts coming off it). My School's Bio/Chem teacher would probably go into a murderous rage if she saw me using it. Any other ways?
Eh, not that I can think of. It can be approx, like 17-19.5v at 2-3 amps should work.,
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