On this most auspicious of math-related dates, 3/14, we hope you're having fun with pi and enjoying some tasty pi. Of course, there are those dissidents among us who prefer Tau Day, but we prefer the delicious implications of pi's homophone. What are you doing to celebrate the day? In past years we competed to see who could memorize the most digits of pi, or regaled each other with tales of Pi Day celebrated in math class. I remember that on one fateful Pi Day a decade back, when I was in high school, we celebrated with Fig Newtons and Liebniz cookies in honor of the inventors of Calculus.

This year, I whipped up a quick TI-84 Plus C Silver Edition BASIC program called Pi Eater v1.0, created using SourceCoder with the jsTIfied online calculator emulator. My own faithful hardware TI-84 Plus C Silver Edition tested out the finished product, and I humbly thing it's an amusing tribute to the day that teaches trigonometry while you eat pie. You choose the amount of pie to eat, first an amount, then whether that's times pi or not, and finally if the angle is degrees or radians. Along the way, the program will show you the sine, cosine, and tangent, of the angle of pie you have eaten so far. A fun way to visualize angles and trigonometry.

Happy Pi Day! Be sure to tell us about your Pi Day activities in the attached thread.

Pi Eater v1.0

If March 14 is the pi day, then June 28 must be the circle day... right?
Or do you prefer December 26 instead?
6/28 - Tau Day is for the real nerds. Wink

That's a great pi pie, Elfprince! Looks like cherry; did you try calculating the circumference from the diameter or radius before you ate it?
It's raspberry+peach. Didn't do any math with it though.
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