Hey everybody. I'm new here, so sorry if this question is in the wrong spot or something, but I've been programming Ti-Basic for a while, im not a pro or anything, but im pretty good at it, and I wanted to learn ASM. I'm just starting off, and I can't get a 8xp file using TASM, and it seems like a lot of guides use Tasm. If i use spasm, all is good, but when I try compiling using Tasm it seems to work, but it wont link or create a executable file at least. If somebody could tell me the exact commands for Tasm/Devpac, I'd appreciate that. Sorry for the probably dumb question lol.
TASM/DevPac8x won't work under 64-bit Windows at all because they're 16-bit programs and 64-bit Windows doesn't have the Win16 subsystem. You can run them in DOSBox, but that would be silly. (Also, TASM is shareware; you're supposed to pay for it if you use it regularly.) So just use Spasm.

EDIT: There's a 32-bit version of TASM floating around out there, too. But still, use Spasm.
Oh. Well thank you! That was a really quick reply too xD
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