I want to make a program that utilizes the function TransparentBlt in msimg32.lib but I can't find it. I have msimg32.dll but not .lib. I've been looking for it but can't find it. Anyone know where I can get it? When I do get it, do I link it to my project by going to project options and adding it under Linker in Parameters? Thanks.
I think you have to download the mingw source and compile it to get the .lib's, but the libs are only needed for static linking. You could just do dynamic linking, then you only need the header file and the .dll
You shouldn't have to link to msimg32.lib at all (nor would I recommend it)

The TransparentBlt() function resides inside of wingdi.h, which comes standard with the MinGW package. All you have to do is link to gdi32.lib. If you use Dev C++ or Code::Blocks IDEs, I believe that they both automatically link Windows Applications (not console) to gdi32.lib (and a few other libraries) for you.
I found a solution to the problem. Excuse me for not posting it before. I just link to the DevC++ libraries libmsimg32.a and libwinmn.a and the program compiles.
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