I started converting a dump of the Casio Prizm system fonts in TrueType using FontForge so I can use them in my other projects (like LuaIDE), if anyone is interested.

Based on dumps by AHelper: http://www.cemetech.net/programs/index.php?mode=file&id=832

Casio Prizm Mini: http://juju2143.ca/CasioPrizmMini.ttf
Other sizes coming soon!

Original fonts (C) Casio, vectorized and forged by myself.
That's superb! As you can see, my dumps are not complete at all. If you want me to get more characters, post in here a C struct of the letter and filename to use and I will be happy to dump them in all sizes.

// Format is as follows:
typedef struct
  std::string c; // Allows for multibyte characters
  std::string name; // filename to use, make sure it is valid else it will fail to save.
} charset;

// Example
charset cs[] =
Thanks! Your dumps have pretty much the minimum, as in the 94 ASCII printable characters, but that would be fun if we have like every single character there is, like accented characters (useful for French people like me).

Also you can try them out here: http://juju2143.ca/casiofonts
Hey, we can have something like HOMER with that!
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