Okay, since noone here seems to like VTI, I decided to download PindurTI too. I downloaded it, drug my ROM over, and it turned on, by there are no buttons. I tried dragging my VTI skin file over too, but it didn't work. Does PindurTI just not have a GUI, or do I need to go someone to download something?
I dont think Pindur has a gui....just memorize your keybindings.

try right clicking though. I seem to remember something about that for a menu

also I personally prefer TilEm since I also use Macs, but PTI does emulate more accurately
Yea, you pretty much have to remember which keys do what. I would also recommend Tilem over PindurTI at its current stage.
depends on what you need it for. TilEm is more functional, and multiplatform

PTI is Windows only, and not as full featured, but the emulation is more accurate

...it also depends whether you are posting on MaxCoderz....lol..jk
Does TilEM work on windows?
yeah it does, there is a win32 build somewhere at ticalc.org
It sure does, but you need to get the gtk run time environment. There's a link in the readme.
just make sure you are running NT5 when using TILem, it will run a tad bit faster (NT5 is 2K, XP, and 2K3 Server)
PindurTI does not yet have a skinnable GUI. However, its emulation is so far superior that this is completely irrelevant to me. Smile
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