2012-08-10 Repaired inability of search to display more than the first page of search results. Traced to baffling rearrangement of braces in the search script.
2012-08-10 Severely restricted the use of wildcard search terms to limit excess database load during searching.
2012-08-21 Repaired WikiPrizm and the DCS Wiki posting article edits/adds to SAX. While doing so...
2012-08-21 ...discovered that site-wide htaccess was HTTP 301 redirecting all www.cemetech.net pages to www.cemetech.net. Turns out that RewriteCond %{HTTP_HOST} ^cemetech.net$ somehow matches www.cemetech.net. Razz
2012-09-07 Created BASIC and Lua subfolders in Prizm Games folder in Cemetech Archives.
2012-09-07 Moved all Prizm BASIC games to the requisite folder
2012-09-07 Added optional per-folder "details" field to Cemetech Archives, currently demonstrated with an overview of how to put games on your Prizm in the Prizm Games folder.
2012-09-07 Upgraded ACP to understand new DB field.
2012-09-09 Added ability to SourceCoder 2.5 to output LuaZM-compatible 16-bit hex images.
2012-09-13 Changed how SourceCoder renders .83i/.8xi images to use inline base64-encoded data instead of the external parse83.php script.
2012-09-13 Added code to recognize but not decode .g3p images, as per community (including me) concerns about Casio's reaction to messing with the g3p format.
2012-09-14 Updated resume, projects, and publications pages on http://z80.me, aka http://resume.cemetech.net
2012-09-14 After resisting for a long time, implemented Google Custom Search as a temporary replacement for the more-or-less built-in useless site search.
2012-09-14 Changed page titles in the Archives, in the Forum, and in Projects to put the file, project, or topic title before the "Cemetech | Section | Subsection" portion of the title
2012-09-14 Added "title" attribute to link rel="canonical" tags.
2012-09-15 to 2012-09-18 Created and rolled out preliminary TI-83+SE, TI-84+, and TI-84+SE support in the jsTIfied TI emulator
2012-09-20 Implemented Link Assist support, only to discover that the TI-84+/SE don't seem to use Link Assist for silent linking.
2012-10-05 Fixed Link Assist and file sending/listing with jsTIfied

2012-10-06 Decreased DOM storage necessary for calculator state, so that TI-84+SE and TI-83+SE emulator calculators in jsTIfied work under Chrome.
2012-10-06 Repaired sending files from jsTIfied to user's computer as .8xp files or to SourceCoder 2.

2012-10-07 Finished implementing crystal timers in jsTIfied for TI-84+/SE calculators. Repaired saving/restoring state for emu struct.
2012-10-25 Blocked the AhrefsBot via robots.txt, and six /24 subnets of Chinese bots, namely through
2012-10-xx Lots of SourceCoder and jsTIfied upgrades
2012-10-xx Cemetech header refreshed
2012-10-26: Implemented max-width:100% into the HTML for images embedded via BBCode.

Don't go posting really large images, those should still be linked to with text.
2012-11-03 Overhauled the users list at the bottom of the forum index to display bots grouped by name and in a separate list from registered users, the way the sidebar does it. Changed the sidebar to use the same code, cutting out a ton of redundant and/or dead code in toolbar.php. Cut it down from about 10K to 400 bytes of code, should really find time to remove it altogether.

2012-11-05 By removing display: table; declaration on the div class="outer", solved Opera+SAX jump-to-top issue. Thanks to benryves for finding this cause.

2012-11-06 Saxjax now records logs of SAX and IRC.
2012-11-06 Saxjax now kicks for 4chan-style "green text"
2012-11-18 Received resource usage warning at Surpass
2012-11-19 Migrated Cemetech to Amethyst
2012-11-19 to 21 Tracking down and solving lingering bugs
2012-11-21 Added SAX highlight audio clip
2012-11-30 After seeing a lot of hits to /apple-touch-icon.png and /apple-touch-icon-precomposed.png, did some research, found out why those hits were occurring, and created http://www.cemetech.net/apple-touch-icon.png
2012-12-22 Removed all ICQ profile settings and images
2012-12-22 Added ability to add Twitter username to profiles
2012-12-22 Added setting to disable SAX highlight sound.

2012-12-23 Fixed YIM setting in Edit Profile page
2012-12-23 Made jsTIfied ROM loading functions more robust against oddly-sized ROMs.

2012-12-27 Added WikiPrizm link to front page Highlights section
2013-01-13 Added some content to the Casio Prizm page in Tools. Still need to fill in a lot of informative FAQ/links on the TI-83+/TI-84+ pages.
2013-02-11 Added Rich Markup to file review pages for Google (example)
2013-02-11 Overhauled review system to use a separate table for reviews instead of the horrible antiquated flat text system.
2013-02-11 Improved rich markup to handle both the aggregate rating score and individual reviews (example)
2013-02-11 Breadcrumbs added for forum, subforum, and topic navigation (example)
2013-02-11 Breadcrumbs for profiles and memberlist added.
2013-02-11 Breadcrumbs for archive folders added, like this example
2013-02-11 Breadcrumbs for archives files added (example)

2013-02-12 jsTIfied can now properly export and import JPEG steganographs of ROM images so that you can emulate TI graphing calculators on your iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch devices.
2013-02-12 TOS tab changed to ROM tab, Terms of Service moved to Help tab. Functionality of ROM-load button changed.
2013-02-12 LZW compression added to jsTIfied's JPEG steganographs.

2013-02-13 Expansions and improvements in TI-83+ section of the Tools/References pages
2013-02-13 News breadcrumbs
2013-02-28 Implemented XML-to-PHP array decoder for SC3
2013-03-01 Fixed [-] and [=] keys in jsTIfied for [(-)] and [XT0n] respectively.
2013-03-01 You can now upload the same file or ROM twice in a row in jsTIfied in Chrome
2013-03-01 Switching between TI-84+CSE and 96x64 calculators works properly.
2013-07-09 Implemented toggleable subscription to bulk/group/newsletter mailings in the user control panel.

2013-07-13 Implemented proper knobs for SAX highlighting and newsletter mailings in the admin control panel.
2013-07-23 Added SourceCoder 3 feature: choose whether to add uploaded items to currently-open project or replace the project
2013-07-23 Added SourceCoder 3 fix: buttons/icons for transferring files and projects to and from jsTIfied instead of text links
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