With apologies to mr womp womp
I had some time to examine the code of mine he was kind enough to look over and make more efficient. I realized that a bug had crept into it for years in the Julian calendar so I made a small correction to it.

While doing this I decided that it would make better sense to enter in the date as YYYY.MMDD rather then as the way I originally had it as MMDD.YYYY. This is because the algorithm allows you to enter both positive and negative years so entering -333.1024 for 24 Oct, -333 makes better sense then -1024.0333


Input "(YYYY.MMDD):",A
If M≤2:Then
If Y=1582 and M=10 and D>4 and D<15:4→D
If Y>1582 or (Y=1582 and M>10) or (Y=1582 and M=10 and D≥15):Then
stbradley wrote:
With apologies to mr womp womp

Not sure why you're apologizing Laughing
I do this in the hopes that some tricks might stick and we can all write more efficient code in the end Wink
A lot of TI-Basic tricks I would strongly advise against in normal non-calculator programming. The parser is just so slow that nobody can afford to have slight inefficiencies, even if it means making the code less readable.
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