noelthebest wrote:
no problem. Wink
Do keep us updated on the state of the contest, though, if you don't mind. How many entries do you have so far? What have the topics been?
22 participants in z80 basic right now. The first round is a Mastermind. As you know, the dates are not the same in other categories.
sorry, but i cant join. my laptop has been dying (needs new hard disk, BIOS update, new RAM...) so between school and gathering up what i need to fix my laptop and those side projects, my schedual just threw up all over me. sorry.
No problem. Wink
By the way, I sent a mail to all participants saying that you must send your programs by mail, and not upload them via the website.
When I send my program in, do I send it in a zip folder? Or by itself? Do I put a little readme in the email or what?

Edit: Nevermind. I'll just attach it by itself with a readme in the email.
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