Ok, so I'm trying to define a list on the nspire, in TI-BASIC. I started with the L character, but I'm not sure that's correct, and I can't find an example.
I tried this:


Define test()=
:Disp lslist(1)&lslist(2)

But it didn't work. It displayed "1212". I also tried replacing x in the "lslist(x):=10, and the next instance, with 1 and 2 respectively, but it said that an argument could only be a variable.

Any Suggestions?
First, you cant set the dim of a list to 1, it is a function and only returns a value.
Second, use brackets for your list, otherwise the nspire treats it like a function.


Define test()= 
:Disp lslist[1]&lslist[2] 
Thanks, got it to work. Is there any way to set the length of a list, with or without using the dim?

The wiki says this:


(84) :number→dim(list)

This sets the length of a list. All added elements are set to 0. All removed elements are simply erased. This version of the command will not work in TI-89.
dim is a function, not a property of any list
So is there a way to set the dim of a list, and just truncate everything else?
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