I keep on coming back with more problems, so I'll just post this and other problems here:
this conglomeration of code won't work due to a small piece in it, the 3:=dim(lslist) part.

apparently it's supposed to work?

you can't set 3 to anything but my buddy working on it says it's a general ti basic command.

Define test2()=
:If prgmunlock=1 Then
:Local die
:Local total
:For x,1,4
:SortD lslist
:For y,1,3
I know that CLEARAZ clears variables a through z, is there a function that purges every variable?
We ask that you please edit your post instead of double-posting if it's within 24 hours of your first post. With regards to your question in the first post, although I am not an Nspire BASIC coder, from my TI-BASIC training I believe the correct ordering would be:
This would set the dimension (length) of lslist to 3.
Alright, if lslist is a list as I think it is, you cant set its dim, and to get a number back from the list, you use brackets, not parenthesis. If you use parenthesis then the Nspire thinks you are calling a function.
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