No, you can't just do that. Tokens only handles .8xp files right now. merthsoft has to add in support for tokenizing the rest of the file types.
With the current setup, would it be possible that when the program opens with a new sheet, and when a new window is opened, it asks you which xml file to default to for that window? Not really sure how hard that would be to set up, thought of it while out on the paper routes.
no, I mean the auto-syntax thing.
Okay, preliminary 73, 82, and 83 calc support has been added. I've also cleaned up the download to just have a single .exe file. So, download it and you can delete all your dlls. Me and tifreak are working on the new xml files, but for all but the 73, the others are basically the same. I'll update when we've got more xml files.
Surprise bump! I've been working on the 73 file, and it's in the download:
There might be a lot of missing tokens, but at least I got a good bit of them in there.
I also added a little "Dump Tokens" tool that dumps the entire token file, and then you can save the file to help you get any tokens straight.
The hex view for [notfound 73] is showing up as each individual character, and not the hex it can't find :p

Anyways, figured out HxD, and with it, I managed to get all the Tokens put into a program file, parsed with Tokens, then updated all the unknowns and otherwise into the 73xml. So, until Merth gets it updated for the download link, copy and paste this into the TI-73.xml file:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?>
Shaun McFall, Merthsoft Creations

With help from:
- Daniel Thorneycroft
- Christopher Mitchell
- Weregoose
- Runer112

Use of this file in other programs is permitted.
If you do make changes, let me know! I'm happy
to include changes if they're better!
<Tokens xmlns="">
      <Group name="_default" comment="The standard TI-BASIC commands." site="" />
      <Group name="Y-Vars" comment="Graphing equation variables." />
      <Group name="Drawing Commands" comment="Graph screen drawing commands." site="" />

      <Style name="Default" foreground="Black" minTokenLength="2" tokenUnderlineColor="DarkGray" />
      <Style name="Disabled" foreground="DarkGray" />
      <Style name="String" foreground="DarkGreen" minTokenLength="2" tokenUnderlineColor="DarkGray" />
      <Style name="Comment" foreground="Green" />
      <Style name="Keyword" foreground="Blue" />

   <Token byte="$00" string="" />
   <Token byte="$01" string=">DMS">
      <Alt string="►DMS" />
   <Token byte="$04" string="->" stringTerminator="true" >
      <Alt string="→" />
   <Token byte="$05" string="Boxplot" />
   <Token byte="$06" string="[" />
   <Token byte="$07" string="]" />
   <Token byte="$08" string="{" />
   <Token byte="$09" string="}" />
   <Token byte="$0A" string="^^r">
      <Alt string="ʳ" />
   <Token byte="$0B" string="^^o">
      <Alt string="°" />
   <Token byte="$0C" string="^^-1">
      <Alt string="⁻¹" />
      <Alt string="ˉ¹" />
   <Token byte="$0D" string="^^2">
      <Alt string="²" />
   <Token byte="$0E" string="^^T">
      <Alt string="ᵀ" />
   <Token byte="$0F" string="^^3">
      <Alt string="³" />
   <Token byte="$10" string="(" />
   <Token byte="$11" string=")" />
   <Token byte="$12" string="round(" />
   <Token byte="$13" string="pxl-Test(" />
   <Token byte="$14" string="augnment(" />
   <Token byte="$15" string="DependAsk" />
   <Token byte="$16" string="A_b/c" />
   <Token byte="$17" string="b/c" />
   <Token byte="$18" string="Autosimp" />
   <Token byte="$19" string="max(" />
   <Token byte="$1A" string="min(" />
   <Token byte="$1B" string="R>Pr(">
      <Alt string="R►Pr(" />
   <Token byte="$1C" string="R>Ptheta(">
      <Alt string="R►Ptheta(" />
      <Alt string="R>Pθ(" />
      <Alt string="R►Pθ(" />
   <Token byte="$1D" string="P>Rx(">
      <Alt string="P►Rx(" />
   <Token byte="$1E" string="P>Ry(">
      <Alt string="P►Ry(" />
   <Token byte="$1F" string="median(" />
   <Token byte="$20" string="randM(" />
   <Token byte="$21" string="mean(" />
   <Token byte="$22" string="mode(" />
   <Token byte="$23" string="solve(" />
   <Token byte="$24" string="seq(" />
   <Token byte="$29" string=" " />
   <Token byte="$2A" string="&quot;" stringStarter="true" stringTerminator="true" style="String" />
   <Token byte="$2B" string="," />
   <Token byte="$2C" string="[r]" />
   <Token byte="$2E" string="!" />
   <Token byte="$2F" string="%" />
   <Token byte="$30" string="0" />
   <Token byte="$31" string="1" />
   <Token byte="$32" string="2" />
   <Token byte="$33" string="3" />
   <Token byte="$34" string="4" />
   <Token byte="$35" string="5" />
   <Token byte="$36" string="6" />
   <Token byte="$37" string="7" />
   <Token byte="$38" string="8" />
   <Token byte="$39" string="9" />
   <Token byte="$3A" string="." />
   <Token byte="$3B" string="|E">
      <Alt string="ᴇ" />
   <Token byte="$3C" string=" or " />
   <Token byte="$3D" string=" xor " />
   <Token byte="$3E" string=":" />
   <Token byte="$3F" string="\n" stringTerminator="true" />
   <Token byte="$40" string=" and " />
   <Token byte="$41" string="A" />
   <Token byte="$42" string="B" />
   <Token byte="$43" string="C" />
   <Token byte="$44" string="D" />
   <Token byte="$45" string="E" />
   <Token byte="$46" string="F" />
   <Token byte="$47" string="G" />
   <Token byte="$48" string="H" />
   <Token byte="$49" string="I" />
   <Token byte="$4A" string="J" />
   <Token byte="$4B" string="K" />
   <Token byte="$4C" string="L" />
   <Token byte="$4D" string="M" />
   <Token byte="$4E" string="N" />
   <Token byte="$4F" string="O" />
   <Token byte="$50" string="P" />
   <Token byte="$51" string="Q" />
   <Token byte="$52" string="R" />
   <Token byte="$53" string="S" />
   <Token byte="$54" string="T" />
   <Token byte="$55" string="U" />
   <Token byte="$56" string="V" />
   <Token byte="$57" string="W" />
   <Token byte="$58" string="X" />
   <Token byte="$59" string="Y" />
   <Token byte="$5A" string="Z" />
   <Token byte="$5B" string="theta">
      <Alt string="θ" />
   <Token byte="$5C">
      <Token byte="$01" string="[A]" />
      <Token byte="$02" string="[B]" />
      <Token byte="$03" string="[C]" />
      <Token byte="$04" string="[D]" />
      <Token byte="$05" string="[E]" />
      <Token byte="$06" string="[F]" />
      <Token byte="$07" string="[G]" />
      <Token byte="$08" string="[H]" />
      <Token byte="$09" string="[I]" />
   <Token byte="$5D">
      <Token byte="$01" string="L1">
         <Alt string="L₁" />
      <Token byte="$02" string="L2">
         <Alt string="L₂" />
      <Token byte="$03" string="L3">
         <Alt string="L₃" />
      <Token byte="$04" string="L4">
         <Alt string="L₄" />
      <Token byte="$05" string="L5">
         <Alt string="L₅" />
      <Token byte="$06" string="L6">
         <Alt string="L₆" />
   <Token byte="$5E">
      <Token byte="$10" string="{Y1}" group="Y-Vars">
         <Alt string="Y₁" />
      <Token byte="$11" string="{Y2}" group="Y-Vars">
         <Alt string="Y₂" />
      <Token byte="$12" string="{Y3}" group="Y-Vars">
         <Alt string="Y₃" />
      <Token byte="$13" string="{Y4}" group="Y-Vars">
         <Alt string="Y₄" />
      <Token byte="$14" string="{Y5}" group="Y-Vars">
         <Alt string="Y₅" />
      <Token byte="$15" string="{Y6}" group="Y-Vars">
         <Alt string="Y₆" />
      <Token byte="$16" string="{Y7}" group="Y-Vars">
         <Alt string="Y₇" />
      <Token byte="$17" string="{Y8}" group="Y-Vars">
         <Alt string="Y₈" />
      <Token byte="$18" string="{Y9}" group="Y-Vars">
         <Alt string="Y₉" />
      <Token byte="$19" string="{Y0}" group="Y-Vars">
         <Alt string="Y₀" />
      <Token byte="$20" string="{X1T}" group="Y-Vars">
         <Alt string="X₁ᴛ" />
      <Token byte="$21" string="{Y1T}" group="Y-Vars">
         <Alt string="Y₁ᴛ" />
      <Token byte="$22" string="{X2T}" group="Y-Vars">
         <Alt string="X₂ᴛ" />
      <Token byte="$23" string="{Y2T}" group="Y-Vars">
         <Alt string="Y₂ᴛ" />
      <Token byte="$24" string="{X3T}" group="Y-Vars">
         <Alt string="X₃ᴛ" />
      <Token byte="$25" string="{Y3T}" group="Y-Vars">
         <Alt string="Y₃ᴛ" />
      <Token byte="$26" string="{X4T}" group="Y-Vars">
         <Alt string="X₄ᴛ" />
      <Token byte="$27" string="{Y4T}" group="Y-Vars">
         <Alt string="Y₄ᴛ" />
      <Token byte="$28" string="{X5T}" group="Y-Vars">
         <Alt string="X₅ᴛ" />
      <Token byte="$29" string="{Y5T}" group="Y-Vars">
         <Alt string="Y₅ᴛ" />
      <Token byte="$2A" string="{X6T}" group="Y-Vars">
         <Alt string="X₆ᴛ" />
      <Token byte="$2B" string="{Y6T}" group="Y-Vars">
         <Alt string="Y₆ᴛ" />
      <Token byte="$40" string="{r1}" group="Y-Vars">
         <Alt string="r₁" />
      <Token byte="$41" string="{r2}" group="Y-Vars">
         <Alt string="r₂" />
      <Token byte="$42" string="{r3}" group="Y-Vars">
         <Alt string="r₃" />
      <Token byte="$43" string="{r4}" group="Y-Vars">
         <Alt string="r₄" />
      <Token byte="$44" string="{r5}" group="Y-Vars">
         <Alt string="r₅" />
      <Token byte="$45" string="{r6}" group="Y-Vars">
         <Alt string="r₆" />
      <Token byte="$80" string="C1" />
      <Token byte="$81" string="C2" />
      <Token byte="$82" string="C3" />
   <Token byte="$5F" string="prgm" />
   <Token byte="$60">
      <Token byte="$01" string="Pic1" />
      <Token byte="$02" string="Pic2" />
      <Token byte="$03" string="Pic3" />
      <Token byte="$04" string="Pic4" />
      <Token byte="$05" string="Pic5" />
      <Token byte="$06" string="Pic6" />
      <Token byte="$07" string="Pic7" />
      <Token byte="$08" string="Pic8" />
      <Token byte="$09" string="Pic9" />
   <Token byte="$61">
      <Token byte="$01" string="GDB1" />
      <Token byte="$02" string="GDB2" />
      <Token byte="$03" string="GDB3" />
      <Token byte="$04" string="GDB4" />
      <Token byte="$05" string="GDB5" />
      <Token byte="$06" string="GDB6" />
      <Token byte="$07" string="GDB7" />
      <Token byte="$08" string="GDB8" />
      <Token byte="$09" string="GDB9" />
   <Token byte="$62">
      <Token byte="$01" string="[RegEQ]" />
      <Token byte="$02" string="[n]" />
      <Token byte="$03" string="[xhat]">
         <Alt string="ẋ" />
      <Token byte="$04" string="[Sigmax]">
         <Alt string="Σx" />
      <Token byte="$05" string="[Sigmax^2]">
         <Alt string="Σx^2" />
         <Alt string="sigmax²" />
         <Alt string="Σx²" />
      <Token byte="$06" string="[Sx]" />
      <Token byte="$07" string="[sigmax]">
         <Alt string="σx" />
      <Token byte="$08" string="[minX]" />
      <Token byte="$09" string="[maxX]" />
      <Token byte="$0A" string="[minY]" />
      <Token byte="$0B" string="[maxY]" />
      <Token byte="$0C" string="[yhat]">
         <Alt string="ȳ" />
      <Token byte="$0D" string="[Sigmay]">
         <Alt string="Σy" />
      <Token byte="$0E" string="[Sigmay^2]">
         <Alt string="Σy^2" />
         <Alt string="sigmay²" />
         <Alt string="Σy²" />
      <Token byte="$0F" string="[Sy]" />
      <Token byte="$10" string="[sigmay]">
         <Alt string="σy" />
      <Token byte="$11" string="[Sigmaxy]">
         <Alt string="Σxy" />
      <Token byte="$12" string="|r" />
      <Token byte="$13" string="[Med]" />
      <Token byte="$14" string="[Q1]" />
      <Token byte="$15" string="[Q3]" />
      <Token byte="$16" string="[|a]" />
      <Token byte="$17" string="[|b]" />
      <Token byte="$18" string="[|c]" />
      <Token byte="$19" string="[|d]" />
      <Token byte="$1A" string="[|e]" />
      <Token byte="$1B" string="[x1]">
         <Alt string="x₁" />
      <Token byte="$1C" string="[x2]">
         <Alt string="x₂" />
      <Token byte="$1D" string="[x3]">
         <Alt string="x₃" />
      <Token byte="$1E" string="[y1]">
         <Alt string="y₁" />
      <Token byte="$1F" string="[y2]">
         <Alt string="y₂" />
      <Token byte="$20" string="[y3]">
         <Alt string="y₃" />
   <Token byte="$63">
      <Token byte="$01" string="ZXscl" />
      <Token byte="$02" string="ZYscl" />
      <Token byte="$03" string="Xscl" />
      <Token byte="$0A" string="Xmin" />
      <Token byte="$0B" string="Xmax" />
      <Token byte="$0C" string="Ymin" />
      <Token byte="$0D" string="Ymax" />
      <Token byte="$0E" string="Tmin" />
      <Token byte="$0F" string="Tmax" />
      <Token byte="$10" string="thetaMin">
         <Alt string="θMin" />
      <Token byte="$11" string="thetaMax">
         <Alt string="θMax" />
      <Token byte="$12" string="ZXmin" />
      <Token byte="$13" string="ZXmax" />
      <Token byte="$14" string="ZYmin" />
      <Token byte="$15" string="ZYmax" />
      <Token byte="$16" string="Zthetamin">
         <Alt string="Zθmin" />
      <Token byte="$17" string="Zthetamax">
         <Alt string="Zθmax" />
      <Token byte="$18" string="ZTmin" />
      <Token byte="$19" string="ZTmax" />
      <Token byte="$1A" string="TblStart" />
      <Token byte="$1B" string="PlotStart" />
      <Token byte="$1C" string="ZPlotStart" />
      <Token byte="$21" string="DeltaTbl">
         <Alt string="∆Tbl" />
      <Token byte="$22" string="Tstep" />
      <Token byte="$23" string="thetastep">
         <Alt string="θstep" />
      <Token byte="$24" string="ZTstep" />
      <Token byte="$25" string="Zthetastep">
         <Alt string="Zθstep" />
      <Token byte="$26" string="DeltaX">
         <Alt string="∆X" />
      <Token byte="$27" string="DeltaY">
         <Alt string="∆Y" />
      <Token byte="$28" string="XFact" />
      <Token byte="$29" string="YFact" />
      <Token byte="$2A" string="TblInput" />
      <Token byte="$2B" string="Factor" />
      <Token byte="$34" string="PlotStep" />
      <Token byte="$35" string="ZPlotStep" />
      <Token byte="$36" string="Xres" />
      <Token byte="$37" string="ZXres" />
   <Token byte="$64" string="Radian" />
   <Token byte="$65" string="Degree" />
   <Token byte="$66" string="Normal" />
   <Token byte="$67" string="Sci" />
   <Token byte="$68" string="Float" />
   <Token byte="$69" string="Fix" />
   <Token byte="$6A" string="="/>
   <Token byte="$6B" string="&lt;" />
   <Token byte="$6C" string=">" />
   <Token byte="$6D" string="&lt;=">
      <Alt string="≤" />
   <Token byte="$6E" string=">=">
      <Alt string="≥" />
   <Token byte="$6F" string="!=">
      <Alt string="≠" />
   <Token byte="$70" string="+" />
   <Token byte="$71" string="-" />
   <Token byte="$72" string="Ans" />
   <Token byte="$73">
      <Token byte="$03" string="CoordOn" />
      <Token byte="$04" string="CoordOff" />
      <Token byte="$07" string="AxesOn" />
      <Token byte="$08" string="AxesOff" />
      <Token byte="$09" string="GridOn" />
      <Token byte="$0A" string="GridOff" />
      <Token byte="$0B" string="LabelOn" />
      <Token byte="$0C" string="LabelOff" />
      <Token byte="$12" string="IndpntAuto" />
      <Token byte="$13" string="IndpntAsk" />
      <Token byte="$19" string="Mansimp" />
      <Token byte="$1A" string="SingleConst" />
      <Token byte="$1B" string="MultiConst" />
   <Token byte="$78" string="PersonIcon" />
   <Token byte="$79" string="TreeIcon" />
   <Token byte="$7A" string="DollarIcon" />
   <Token byte="$7B" string="FaceIcon" />
   <Token byte="$7C" string="PieIcon" />
   <Token byte="$7D" string="DiamondIcon" />
   <Token byte="$7E" string="StarIcon" />
   <Token byte="$7F" string="plotsquare">
      <Alt string="squareplot" />
      <Alt string="□" />
   <Token byte="$80" string="plotcross">
      <Alt string="crossplot" />
      <Alt string="﹢" />
   <Token byte="$81" string="plotdot">
      <Alt string="dotplot" />
      <Alt string="·" />
   <Token byte="$82" string="*" />
   <Token byte="$83" string="/" />
   <Token byte="$84" string=" Int/ " />
   <Token byte="$85" string="Trace" />
   <Token byte="$86" string="ClrDraw" group="Drawing Commands" />
   <Token byte="$87" string="ZStandard" />
   <Token byte="$88" string="ZTrig" />
   <Token byte="$89" string="ZBox" />
   <Token byte="$8A" string="Zoom In" />
   <Token byte="$8B" string="Zoom Out" />
   <Token byte="$8C" string="ZSquare" />
   <Token byte="$8D" string="ZInteger" />
   <Token byte="$8E" string="ZPrevious" />
   <Token byte="$8F" string="ZDecimal" />
   <Token byte="$90" string="ZoomStat" />
   <Token byte="$91" string="ZQuadrant1" />
   <Token byte="$94" string="Text(" group="Drawing Commands" site="" />
   <Token byte="$95" string=" nPr " />
   <Token byte="$96" string=" nCr " />
   <Token byte="$97" string="FnOn " />
   <Token byte="$98" string="FnOff " />
   <Token byte="$99" string="StorePic " group="Drawing Commands" />
   <Token byte="$9A" string="RecallPic " group="Drawing Commands" />
   <Token byte="$9B" string="Line(" group="Drawing Commands" site="" />
   <Token byte="$9C" string="Vertical " group="Drawing Commands" />
   <Token byte="$9D" string="Pt-On(" group="Drawing Commands" />
   <Token byte="$9E" string="Pt-Off(" group="Drawing Commands" />
   <Token byte="$9F" string="Pt-Change(" group="Drawing Commands" />
   <Token byte="$A0" string="Pxl-On(" group="Drawing Commands" />
   <Token byte="$A1" string="Pxl-Off(" group="Drawing Commands" />
   <Token byte="$A2" string="Pxl-Change(" group="Drawing Commands" />
   <Token byte="$A3" string="Shade(" group="Drawing Commands" />
   <Token byte="$A4" string="Circle(" group="Drawing Commands" site="" comment="Circle(X,Y,r[,{i) will draw a circle at (X,Y) with radius r. X and Y will be affected by the window settings. The radius will also be affected by the window settings. If a complex list such as {i} is passed to Circle( as the fourth argument, the 'fast circle' routine is used instead." />
   <Token byte="$A5" string="Horizontal " group="Drawing Commands" />
   <Token byte="$A6" string="Tangent(" group="Drawing Commands" />
   <Token byte="$A7" string="Manual-Fit " />
   <Token byte="$A9" string="DrawF " group="Drawing Commands" />
   <Token byte="$AA">
      <Token byte="$01" string="Str1" />
      <Token byte="$02" string="Str2" />
      <Token byte="$03" string="Str3" />
      <Token byte="$04" string="Str4" />
      <Token byte="$05" string="Str5" />
      <Token byte="$06" string="Str6" />
      <Token byte="$07" string="Str7" />
      <Token byte="$08" string="Str8" />
      <Token byte="$09" string="Str9" />
   <Token byte="$AB" string="rand" />
   <Token byte="$AC" string="pi">
      <Alt string="π" />
   <Token byte="$AD" string="getKey" style="Keyword" />
   <Token byte="$AE" string="'" />
   <Token byte="$AF" string="?" />
   <Token byte="$B0" string="~">
      <Alt string="|-" />
      <Alt string="⁻" />
   <Token byte="$B1" string="int(" />
   <Token byte="$B2" string="abs(" />
   <Token byte="$B3" string="det(" />
   <Token byte="$B4" string="identity(" />
   <Token byte="$B5" string="dim(" />
   <Token byte="$B6" string="sum(" />
   <Token byte="$B7" string="prod(" />
   <Token byte="$B9" string="iPart(" />
   <Token byte="$BA" string="fPart(" />
   <Token byte="$BB">
      <Token byte="$01" string="lcm(" />
      <Token byte="$02" string="gcd(" />
      <Token byte="$03" string="randInt(" />
      <Token byte="$04" string="sub(" />
      <Token byte="$05" string="stdDev" />
      <Token byte="$06" string="variance(" />
      <Token byte="$07" string="inString(" />
      <Token byte="$08" string="coin(" />
      <Token byte="$09" string="dice(" />
      <Token byte="$0A" string="remainder(" />
      <Token byte="$0B" string="cumSum(" />
      <Token byte="$0C" string="expr(" />
      <Token byte="$0D" string="length(" />
      <Token byte="$0E" string="DeltaList(" />
      <Token byte="$0F" string="ref(" />
      <Token byte="$10" string="rref(" />
      <Token byte="$12" string="Matr>list(">
         <Alt string="Matr►list(" />
      <Token byte="$13" string="List>matr(">
         <Alt string="List►matr(" />
      <Token byte="$14" string="SetConst(" />
      <Token byte="$15" string="GraphStyle(" />
      <Token byte="$16" string="SetUpEditor " />
      <Token byte="$1A" string="ExprOn" />
      <Token byte="$1B" string="ExprOff" />
      <Token byte="$1C" string="ClrAllLists" />
      <Token byte="$1D" string="GetCalc(" style="Keyword" />
      <Token byte="$1E" string="DelVar " />
      <Token byte="$1F" string="Equ>String(">
         <Alt string="Equ►String(" />
      <Token byte="$20" string="String>Equ(">
         <Alt string="String►Equ(" />
      <Token byte="$21" string="Clear Home" />
      <Token byte="$22" string="Select(" />
      <Token byte="$23" string="ModBoxPlot" />
      <Token byte="$24" string="NormProbPlot" />
      <Token byte="$25" string="PictoPlot" />
      <Token byte="$26" string="PiePlot" />
      <Token byte="$27" string="StemPlot" />
      <Token byte="$28" string="BarPlot" />
      <Token byte="$29" string="ZoomFit" />
      <Token byte="$2A" string="DiagnosticOn" />
      <Token byte="$2B" string="DiagnosticOff" />
      <Token byte="$2D" string="Pen" />
   <Token byte="$BC" string="sqrt(">
      <Alt string="√(" />
   <Token byte="$BD" string="cuberoot(">
      <Alt string="³√(" />
   <Token byte="$BE" string="ln(" />
   <Token byte="$BF" string="e^(" />
   <Token byte="$C0" string="log(" />
   <Token byte="$C1" string="10^">
      <Alt string="₁₀^(" />
   <Token byte="$C2" string="sin(" />
   <Token byte="$C3" string="sin^-1(">
      <Alt string="sin⁻¹(" />
   <Token byte="$C4" string="cos(" />
   <Token byte="$C5" string="cos^-1(">
      <Alt string="cos⁻¹(" />
   <Token byte="$C6" string="tan(" />
   <Token byte="$C7" string="tan^-1(">
      <Alt string="tan⁻¹(" />
   <Token byte="$C8" string=">Ab/c&lt;>d/e" />
   <Token byte="$C9" string=">F&lt;>D" />
   <Token byte="$CA" string=">Simp " />
   <Token byte="$CB" string="^" />
   <Token byte="$CC" string="xroot(">
      <Alt string="ˣ√" />
   <Token byte="$CD" string="SetMenu(" />
   <Token byte="$CE" string="If " style="Keyword"/>
   <Token byte="$CF" string="Then" indentGroup="End Group" style="Keyword" />
   <Token byte="$D0" string="Else" style="Keyword" />
   <Token byte="$D1" string="While " indentGroup="End Group" style="Keyword" />
   <Token byte="$D2" string="Repeat " indentGroup="End Group" style="Keyword" />
   <Token byte="$D3" string="For(" indentGroup="End Group" style="Keyword" />
   <Token byte="$D4" string="End" indentGroup="End Group" indentGroupTerminator="true" style="Keyword" />
   <Token byte="$D5" string="Return" style="Keyword" />
   <Token byte="$D6" string="Lbl " style="Keyword" />
   <Token byte="$D7" string="Goto " style="Keyword" />
   <Token byte="$D8" string="Pause " style="Keyword" />
   <Token byte="$D9" string="Stop" style="Keyword" />
   <Token byte="$DA" string="IS>(" style="Keyword" />
   <Token byte="$DB" string="DS&lt;(" style="Keyword" />
   <Token byte="$DC" string="Input " style="Keyword" />
   <Token byte="$DD" string="Prompt " style="Keyword" />
   <Token byte="$DE" string="Disp " style="Keyword" />
   <Token byte="$DF" string="DispGraph" style="Keyword" />
   <Token byte="$E0" string="Output(" style="Keyword" />
   <Token byte="$E1" string="ClrScreen" style="Keyword" />
   <Token byte="$E2" string="Fill(" />
   <Token byte="$E3" string="SortA(" />
   <Token byte="$E4" string="SortD(" />
   <Token byte="$E5" string="DispTable" />
   <Token byte="$E6" string="Menu(" style="Keyword" />
   <Token byte="$E7" string="Send(" style="Keyword" />
   <Token byte="$E8" string="Get(" style="Keyword" />
   <Token byte="$E9" string="PlotsOn " />
   <Token byte="$EA" string="PlotsOff " />
   <Token byte="$EB" string="|L">
      <Alt string="smallL" />
      <Alt string="˪" />
   <Token byte="$EC" string="Plot1(" />
   <Token byte="$ED" string="Plot2(" />
   <Token byte="$EE" string="Plot3(" />
   <Token byte="$F2">
      <Token byte="$01" string="1-Var Stats " />
      <Token byte="$02" string="2-Var Stats" />
      <Token byte="$03" string="LinReg(ax+b) " />
      <Token byte="$04" string="ExpReg " />
      <Token byte="$07" string="Med-Med " />
      <Token byte="$08" string="QuadReg " />
      <Token byte="$09" string="ClrList " />
      <Token byte="$0A" string="ClrTable" />
      <Token byte="$0B" string="Histogram" />
      <Token byte="$0C" string="xyLine" />
      <Token byte="$0D" string="Scatter" />
I can't get the latest version right now, but is the hex image editor/icon maker fixed in the newest version?
tifreak8x wrote:
The hex view for [notfound 73] is showing up as each individual character, and not the hex it can't find :p
Mm, yes I should make that create an actual token. Good call.

GinDiamond wrote:
I can't get the latest version right now, but is the hex image editor/icon maker fixed in the newest version?
I was never able to reproduce this as I said in another post, so I'm not sure. My hope is that it'll work. If after updating it doesn't work, let me know and I'll keep looking in to it.
cemetech sais the file is in a bad format for me to download this...
If you can't download it from Cemetech, download it from my site (the preferred place to download from):
I'll test the newest version when I get home tomorrow.

What OS do you have, Merth?
I do the majority of my development in Windows 7.
I got the bug with the icon editor (the GUI part of the editor was red X'ed out) when there was nothing opened or anything. I don't know about opend
So you've mentioned, and as I've mentioned I can't reproduce it.
okay, I've narrowed it down.

I get the bug even in the new version, but only if I change the token file.

Even if I change the token file back to Tokens.xml, I still get the bug. But if I don't change the token file at all, the hex sprite editor works.


I don't get the bug at all if I do Tools->Options. I can change the token file to whatever and the hex sprite editor will still work. However, if I change the token file by doing File->Change Token File.

Also to add:

The default token file when you get TokenIDE out of the zip file is Ti73.xml. Could that change to Tokens.xml? Also, when I change the token file through Tools-Options, the side tab window doesn't change the command list until I restart TokenIDE.
Should be a file called TokenIDE that is a Configuration settings file, it's the first file under the TokenIDE icon that starts tokens for me on Windows. Edit it to have the following:


Save and that should fix the TI-73 as default problem.
Ooh, yeah, I didn't mean to have it default to that--whoops. For now, do what tifreak suggests, but I'll upload a new version hopefully tonight.
Okay, I've updated it:
- tifreak and me worked on creating a more accurate 82 xml file.
- Sprite editor bug as been fixed
- Tokens.xml is the default token file
- Fixed problem with saving adding new lines.
As always, download:
Ok, I do have to ask... is it possible to open .txt files in Tokens and actually be able to see commented out lines?

I am trying on Windows 7 on the most current version, and I understand .8xp files going through the preprocessor when I open them, but when I open .txt versions of my programs I can't actually view my comments on them unless I copy and paste out of some ghetto program like NotePad. Sad I am a very comment dependent person. It's a sad thing. Sad
Oh, so it does--I wish you had reported that sooner Smile I'll work on fixing that.
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