As our regular members know, it is a particularly busy time of year for us here at Cemetech. I have been working hard at investigating the TI-84 Plus C Silver Edition, all 13 chapters of Using the TI-83 Plus/TI-84 Plus are now written, administrator Merthsoft is working hard on the excellent TokenIDE, and the two of us are going to TI's T^3 2013 conference in Philadelphia.

Amidst all that, we have finally completed judging for Cemetech Contest #9, focusing on ports of existing programs and games. For the second time, a Cemetech contest included three categories: TI programs, Casio programs, and Computer programs. There were eight total entries submitted for grading, fewer than usual but understandable given when the contest was held. Without further ado, the winners and runners-up of each of the three categories!

TI Calculator Entries
We received three entries for TI Calculators, two for the TI-83+/TI-84+ and one for the TI-Nspire. The entries:
:: Emerov: [TI-83+/Axe] Kitten Cannon
:: Elfprince13: [TI-83+/C] Settlers of Koprulu
:: Ethentianknight: [TI-Nspire/BASIC] nVenture 2.1
Although not exactly fitting Cemetech's usual standards for good taste, KittenCannon earned the highest judging score of all Contest #9 entries, a whopping 56/70. The author followed the contest instructions to a tee, creating a perfect port of a popular online Flash game where you fling an ill-fated kitten (or in this case, duck) from a cannon. The graphics closely matched the original, the controls and gameplay were identical, and the author worked well within the confines of the calculator's limitations. Although this judge didn't feel it had a great deal of replay value, the same holds true for the original. Congratulations to Emerov for this winning entry. Elfprince13's Settlers of Koprulu port was very incomplete, but technically impressive due to being cross-platform (compiling for both the TI-83+ and Linux/Mac OS) and being written as a C program for Doors CS. Congratulations to Elfprince13 for earning the runner-up spot.

Casio Calculator Entries
The Casio Prizm has remained a very popular calculator here at Cemetech, with its widescreen color LCD and easy C programmability. We received two Prizm entries, as well as our first Casio Classpad 330.
:: Cartix: Physium
:: AHelper: Lift
:: Tari: pLemmings
:: FlyingFisch: Neon Fighter: Blue Edition
All four entries showed a great deal of effort. All four were true to the original programs from which they drew inspiration. Even the scores were extremely close, from 40/70 for the lowest-scoring of the four to 46/70 for the highest. I am happy to award first place to Physium, a beautiful and data-filled periodic table application for the Casio Classpad 330. Congratulations to Cartix for his hard work and for an entry that will surely be useful to many students. He also earned bonus points for a very professional-looking and helpful Readme file. The runner-up goes to AHelper for Lift, an excellent port of the game Elevator Action. He beat out Tari's Lemmings demo, pLemmings, and FlyingFisch's Neon Fighter by a single point, but we at Cemetech eagerly anticipate playing all of the completed games.

Computer Entries
We received three computer entries for Cemetech Contest #8, but only a single entry for Contest #9. Congratulations to Juju for his excellent computer port of Kevin Ouellet's Reuben Quest, which was featured on over eight years ago. Despite winning by default, Juju's Reuben Quest port was highly ranked by judges, albeit penalized for
lacking the required readme.

Once again, congratulations are well-deserved by every competitor. Though circumstances prevented as large of a pool as Cemetech Contest 9, we are happy to see that even when our Cemetechians are busy with work and school, some of us still have time to churn out great calculator and computer programs. We also want to heartily apologize for the delay in judging for this contest; for our next contest, we will likely accept judging applications from members at large. At this point, I strongly encourage all the authors to upload their entries to the Cemetech archives so that I may update this article with download links.

Be sure to look for the next Cemetech contest somewhere around the late spring or early summer months, which we hope to have some more substantial prizes beyond the invaluable respect of your peers!

Woot woot! Congratulations to all entrants!
Lift and pLemmings both look like great projects, can't wait for download links. Smile
Can't wait for the files to be in the archives!
Congrats to the winners, second-ups, and the others.
I will be working on Lift again so I will try to fix outstanding bugs before going into the archives.
Congratulations and good work to all the other contestants! Smile

For anyone interested in a video showing of the technical details of SoK,

If anyone wants to play before the program is complete, check out the rules and models posted here:
Board Tiles
Custom Pieces
Custom Cards

Here's the full submission I used for the contest, which includes rules, source code, the build system, and I think all of the artistic content as well.
Congrats! I hope that we can try those entries soon Very Happy
Woohoo I won. By default. Um, I guess that's nice. Well, congrats everyone. (Also I thought I included a readme?)
What a great news !!!
Congratulation to all the other runners-up Wink
Cartix wrote:
What a great news !!!
Congratulation to all the other runners-up Wink
Congratulations on a beautiful program, Cartix! And apologies again at the perfect storm of work, illness, and missing judges that delayed these results for so long.

Juju: Don't worry, your game would still have been highly-ranked against actual competitors. Smile I think the readme was only a few points.
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