I've got a 3d printer set up, that I would like to have my RasPi be able to run. Now I could have two separate power cables coming from my printer to have to plug in, but I like cleaner solutions.

I'm currently using this power supply to run the printer. The heated bed and the extruder run off of somewhere around 15 amps which should leave around 5 for the RasPi. I wired the power supply up so that it uses molex connectors. They're wired in series, the first to the board that powers the printer, and hopefully the second will power the RaspPi.

My question is, what kind of circuit do I need to go from that power supply to a usb. The more detail (circuit diagrams) you can give me, the better I'll feel about it. I don't mind soldering for this, because seeing as the voltages aren't normally what you'd expect for a molex, I expected to have to build it anyway.
First, you need a 5V output switching regulator at a minimum of 1A. This one is a 5V, 1.9A switching regulator that accepts 3V-20V input and would work well. Page 1 of its datasheet shows a reasonable sample application circuit. Here's another sample circuit that uses an LM2674 5V switching regulator, though it looks like that one maxes out at 500mA.
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