So I've never seen it done this way which greatly surprised me, after a moment of thinking. You can remove a single value from a list with a single command:
To remove the sixth element of a list:


Now that I look at this, this seems almost obvious to me. But every time I've seen it done, it was with a for loop involved somewhere.
That's exactly the method I was going to suggest when I saw the title of this topic, before I opened it and saw it was a statement rather than a question. I don't think I would go the For() loop route under any circumstance, but I wouldn't be surprise if Weregoose can pull out some crazy BASIC-fu that's faster that augmenting those two seq()s.
How about this?

Aaaaah I see what you did there! Very smart! Very Happy

That's so much more efficient than anything I've ever seen Smile
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