I posted that earlier on tiplanet and omnimaga ,why not share here Very Happy

I stumbled upon http://lesjoiesducode.tumblr.com/ ... it's awesome Very Happy (use google translate if you don't speak french, I guess Razz)

I took a few of them and adapted them to TI's world, you're welcome to do so too Very Happy

1) When waiting for the 84's 2.55MP OS to validate

2) When there is a new calc OS update

3) When you realize TI changed quite a lot (too much) in that version

4) When you can actually downgrade from that new OS

5) When you look at the XML structure of an Nspire's Notes widget

6) When you insert an image in an Nspire lua script and look at the size it takes

7) When someone asks you if you're even going to finish that particular project

Cool When you suddenly encounter a RAM CLEAR after some hours of coding

9) What you tell yourself when you wonder if you actually recently backuped your code

10) When you open your "TI stuff" folder looking for something specific

11) When you actually found a not-so-old working backup of your code

12) When you first saw http://ourl.ca/12643

13) When you take a test at school with a CAS calc

14) When your teacher says calcs won't be allowed at the next test

15) When you only coded in Basic and people are talking z80 ASM on the chat

16) When you uploaded the wrong version of your program in a contest entry

17) When you accidentaly an infinite loop in Nspire Lua and didn't save the .tns before

1Cool When you run an obscure piece of code for the first time and it actually works

19) When you want to downgrade 84 Pocket to < 2.53 for the first time

20) When your teacher tries to explain to the class some TI-Basic things

21) When you look at the soruce code of some program you coded as a beginner

22) When you see a bug you reported to TI got fixed in the latest update
These are very clever indeed; thanks for sharing! The last one caught my eye: When has a bug we've reported ever gotten fixed by TI? I suspect you may be talking about the Nspire, not the z80 line.
#2 was definitely my favorite.
When you get really frustrated with your code that you're working on:

When you walk in and someone you hate is playing on one of your calcs:
#20: Castle++
"I shall play you the song of my people"

Old-timers ought to recognize the clip.
When Cemetech announces software support for an Apple product.
Haha, that seems about right. I can't believe I spent two whole days wrestling with algorithms to get it to work either! Very Happy

how I feel when looking at what code does

how I react to the code itself when code won't do what I want.
A classic: How I feel when I finally understand BrandonW's code:
#15(Supernatural++) is me pretty much all the time on here.
KermMartian wrote:
A classic: How I feel when I finally understand BrandonW's code:
Haha, sometimes I feel the same way.
When a bug you spent hours to debug turns out to have been a single line wrong or a copy-paste error:

Edit: When you write a well-researched post in response to a newbie's question, and the newbie doesn't bother engaging their brain:
Whenever you see the price of that new calculator:
Whenever you see the new color classpad(at least it was for me):
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