I went to check my author page (http://www.ticalc.org/archives/files/authors/60/6077.html) and I realized it's been several days since my stats have changed. Has anyone else noticed this?
btw, how often do you check this stuuff

that is interesting
I try to take a look at my stats once every day or two.
I look at mine once in a great while
So does anyone have an idea why stats and incoming files seem to be frozen? Are they doing something with the backend?
I have no idea... And i noticed as well. I was hoping to be up to 34000 by now... Cool

On calcgames, I am creeping closer to the guys that made zDoom. Soon, I will be up to rank 22. Smile
Impressive. I never did get much stuff on there. Sad
Umm... DCS doesn't even have your name on it...
kind of ot, but correct me if I am wrong, but isn't there a program you can you use to keep track of file and author stats?
Yes there is, but I do not remember the name of it right now...
It doesn't have my name on it?? WTF?
I dunno... Sad

This might make you feel better:


Very Happy Yay!
I gave it its first DL. Smile

I am gonna try very hard this weekend to get all those files in the pending folder reviewed and posted...
And I'm gonna try equally hard to get some kind of file submission system operational here.
You can use the file uploader at my site as a "base" and build off of it... Smile Might make it a little easier...

I just want it in a folder, so it does not just go here there and every where... It is easier to keep an eye on submitted files that way...
Cool, cool. I'll probably duplicate my archives_files table as archives_pend and do it that way.
KermMartian wrote:
So does anyone have an idea why stats and incoming files seem to be frozen? Are they doing something with the backend?

well, I haven't talked to Patrick for a while which may have to do with nothing being added, but the stats update should be auto
They are auto, but they occasionally freeze stats for no apparent reason.
Hey, calcgames got it loaded up too. Smile

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