Well, I work 10+ hours a day which plus study is not making me all that happy; I feel like I'm exploding with things I have to do. I'm very sorry progress is as slow as it is.

In addition, I personally am immensely dissatisfied with how the project turned out since it's not flawless, on a project where flawlessness should be par for the course. It's ability to snap is still eminently uninspiring, to be honest.

However as for progress I did woodburn the logo on. I'm also dissatisfied with it though, because the iron was hotter than I wished and darker, and I had little control over it. It is smaller than in the pictures.
My apologies for that frustrated outburst of sorts, I was having a bad day...
What I meant was, the more delicate a project is, the more I feel it must be flawless, and for the most part that's true. This project has flaws, such as not snapping on quite right due to the way wood changes shape after being cut thinner, and so I'm not satisfied with it. However, I have sent it off now. Here are the final pictures:


On the calc:
Looks awesome Caleb!
I have received the package (about a week ago, actually) and love it. Caleb, rest assured. I wasfeeling brave and gave this a bit of stress, and it held together just fine. Its flimsy feel is all in the lack of weight. I mean, stress = minor-light moderate bending and weight.

Will send check soon. Its been sitting by my door for a while now :/
Glad to hear it's working out okay for you. there's all different types of wood with all different attributes - bendy, brittle, light, hard - maple is very light, yet quite tough, and moldable without being brittle, it's probably my favorite wood.

You should post a picture of it with your calculator!
CalebHansberry wrote:
You should post a picture of it with your calculator!
I second this: a few pictures in nice lighting with it on your calculator would be cool to see.
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