Yo, thanks for bumping this - I've actually been thinking anxiously about this a lot lately, but it's been super hectic in the last 3 weeks - I had to make a few very time-sensitive woodworking projects, plus there was such an unusually high amount to do at my work that I worked 12 hours there and slept at the office so I could finish the rest before 3PM!

First - I sure hope there's no time limit for this? if there is I could force it in Smile but it'd be handy if there wasn't, especially as that's what I assumed. Second, I have begun (choosing the 84+ cause I thought it looked more square), and will continue, though it was off to a bad start for reasons. >_>
Nope, no time limit, I just worried you may have forgotten about this. glad you havent.

Im kinda suprised you chose the 84, since I thought the 83 edition would be easier, but as Im not the one making it....
/me shrugs

have at it whenever you like.

Just wondering how everything is going.
Aww, you beat me by a day! I was just about to post pics and progress, but didn't have occasion to yesterday. So yes there's progress now, it's coming along better than I expected: I tend to procrastinate on projects I'm unsure if I can complete them instead of just trying to do it, that's why the delay. Anyway here:

These show well how I cut it out of a piece of wood. I'm amazed I actually succeeded in getting the little track to line up with the calculator!

Coming together, with one corner left uncut:

A good pic of it's progress so far. The curve cut out at the base is a little large cause the wood broke and I cut it larger to cover that:
Wow, that looks beautiful!
Ivoah wrote:
Wow, that looks beautiful!
I second that; very impressive work on that carving! It looked rough in the first photo or two, but it's clear that you're refining this towards a great final product. Keep up the patient work.
Hey, keep in mind that infinite time limit - I have absolutely no problem waiting. I have faith in your stunning work, Caleb. as it is, I like it. More for my dad's sake than mine, what kind of wood are you using there?
Thank you.

Regrettably, I tried too hard and outdid myself to an incredible level: the wood model is now THINNER than the plastic. While this is awesome, and it looks very classy and not bulky, it's incredibly fragile. Sad

The wood is maple, same as the TI-82 I made, since it's very light and moldable but also hard.
since I tend to take good care of not dropping things and such, fragility isnt too much of an issue, so long as I dont break it just by touching it with a feather Wink

besides, such a well designed case should be used for display purposes, not for protection from the elements.

Regrettably I accidentally knocked off too much wood from the track that holds it onto the calc, so I'm currently trying to figure out how to cut a piece of wood the size of that track out and glue it on. I think I'll succeed though. Here's a link to the whole album: http://imgur.com/5aJvhqd,2XnNxeE,RZUx45e,gQO2tWM#0
This looks phenomenal. Did you just keep sanding away until it fit or did you have to go through a few versions to get things just right? What are your plans for stain and finish?
I just sanded at it (with a small Dremel cutting bit) until it fit. I would have liked to do the latter, since that'd make duplicating it easier, but for one I don't have enough wood, and also it doesn't fit my perfectionist side. Razz It is basically cut out of the block of wood like a sculpture cuts a statue out of marble.

As for finish, Luxen has requested it have a Cemetech logo on it, so I will put that on it. I'm considering carbon transferring the logo, then woodburning the lightning bolt, then painting the red part on. And actual stain and finish, I really like the plain woody wood look, so I won't stain it, but I will finish it with a thin layer of spar urethane to prevent oils in one's hand from staining it over time (also I'm open to suggestions to a finish that blocks oils, is able to be lightly washed, but is less intrusive [in it's honey hue it adds and it's thickness] than spar urethane).
Here are two rather rough mockups of your idea; please submit thoughts.

That is an impressive calculator case! Smile
How hard do you think it would be to make one of those changeable key cover thingys on the CSE? I think that with the outer case could look really cool! I wonder if my mom would let me buy one. Probably not, but worth asking. Smile
DWMelon wrote:
That is an impressive calculator case! Smile
How hard do you think it would be to make one of those changeable key cover thingys on the CSE? I think that with the outer case could look really cool! I wonder if my mom would let me buy one. Probably not, but worth asking. Smile

I'm quite sure the little clips used to hold the keypad cover would make it impossible to make it out of wood. I might consider trying it anyway cause I'm a little retarded sometimes - however I think it's be out of your price range; the labor is astronomical, and the maple isn't cheap either, I'd estimate about $50, if such a thing were even possible. I agree it'd be real pretty though!
Well, Caleb, your handiwork looks beautiful. now, I must say, the Chevron looks a little large. if you haven't burned that in yet, could it be a bit smaller? As for the cemetech logo, that's perfect, go ahead and leave that the way it is.
If I were you, I might make the chevrons very light indeed, even if they're large. I think just the suggestion of them would look very cool, the way the engraved Texas Instruments text on their slidecases is unobtrusive and subtle.
Alright, I'll shrink it and try lightening it. The cemetech logo part, so that's the way you want it - I'll see what I can do; it can't look just like that though cause of painting and stuff.

Oh, and of course I could engrave an outline of the dcs7 logo too, exactly like the TI one, if that was better!
Caleb, Ill give you a free hand in what you think is right in case of the engraving; I trust your artistic skills.
so, how are things going on this?
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