I will try out my programs with DCS 5.5. Also, I am getting my TInternet uploaded on my site. You can download it here once I get it uploaded:

SwivelGames Ltd. TInternet

I still need TI Connect software and stuff so I can upload it correctly, I have not had internet on my ne wcomp till now so I can upload and stuff once I get home easily. Tell me what you think, I am going to make a new topic and post what I am going to change and update about it. Please post your feedback there instead of using this topic.

I will explain the below under the list.

Changes to be made:
1. Differant way of browsing
2. Home screen GUI
3. Going to try to write it in ASM

1. I will change it from the number select to a written selector like an address bar. Heres how it will work:

[Address Bar Input Data]-----[Computer Program]------[Translates String]

[Matches string with folder name on FTP]

[Opens folder]--[Calc Deletes _theta_1]**--[sends _theta_1 to calc]

[TInternet runs as TINET site]

This will also make it possible to have differant files in the site folder so you can download things to your calc from the World Wide TInternet. Razz

**The program name _theta_1 is what the program runs as the site. It will be deleted once it sees that there is another to be loaded. Also for slow deletions I could make it so that it will try a few times to send it untill it finnaly sends.

Sounds interesting, but I'd like to see it in action before I form an opinion.
i gotta see it first

how long does it take for you to upload? jeez...
gCn2 shall pwn. Smile
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