God, what a douche. Sad
I hope that he fixes up his act, according to eBay:
"eBay requires a minimum ten day waiting period after a transaction closes before the Item Not Received process can be started. This is to allow the seller sufficient time to receive and clear payment, pack and ship the item, and address buyer questions and concerns."

THEREFORE I have up to 10 days for the payment to clear etc.
This guy seems not very intelligent to me.
That's what I thought. Oh, and he misrepresented 1.2GHz as 2 GHz. It hasn't even been MANUFACTURED in anything higher than 1.2
well, make a note of that. 800mhz is a lot of speed
I will. It's possible to get a refund if you paid through paypal, right?
Huh, I have heard too many stories about ebay auctions that end this way. I have never bought anything nor bid on anything except a Gameboy SP that I bidded on when they first came out. And I never got it, cause it was a scam. If I saw this before you bid on it I would have warned you that 97% of auctions on EBay are scams. I would'nt ever go there again once you get your money back.

Actually, I have had excellent luck with eBay in the past advising other students on computer and bidding for them. Never had a problem before. Sad
right, and we have bought a number of things off of ebay. We have all of them, and the iPod was the biggest hassle
Yeah, I plan to keep trying once I get my money back (unless he ends up shaping up and honoring his contract to ship me the tablet for my money) to get myself a tc1100.
Ouch... Sad

Hey UD, why don't you figure out where this guy is and kick his @$$??? Very Happy Laughing
lol, I second that idea. Smile
hmm, it should tell you a general area. I believe there is a way to get better contact info on this person if you need, but he gets your then also
If Kerm were to do it, then he would be like: "Ok, this guy lives in NY, not a problem."

Then UD shows up, and does some whoopin on him... Very Happy Laughing

This is startin to turn into a plan... Evil or Very Mad
Now now, let's not. Smile
Should I:

[a] Ask for an immediate refund
[b] Insist on him shipping the item I paid for

well, how badly do you want that specific computer?
That model, yes, but I see others on eBay for almost the same price, not to mention similar, cheaper models.

Edit: Sent this email to customer support:
Kerm Martian wrote:
About ten hours after I clicked the "Buy it Now" button and purchased his Tablet PC for $750.00 (item #6852084159), this seller contacted me and asked when I was going to pay; fine (it said I had 5 business days on the auction page). Two hours later, he sent me another message saying he was cancelling my bid since I had a 0 feedback rating, which is of course because this is the first time I have used eBay. You can view a transcript of our conversation here: http://www.cemetech.net/forum/viewtopic.php?p=23342#23342 . The upshot of it is that the seller relisted the item even though I paid the $750 + shipping via PayPal, and is insisting I am a fraud because I am paying from a check account (takes 5 days to clear). He now has relisted the item, refuses to unlist it, and I'm out about $775 for an item I am beginning to doubt I will receive. How can I remedy this issue? Thank you very much in advance, and I'm sure this one irresponsible seller does not reflect the majority of the eBay users.
Hopefully they won't be like paypal and tell you it is your own problem... Sad

I really hope that the lady I just sent a money order to will be prompt about getting me my book... I have been looking for it for over a year now...
TI-Freak8x wrote:
Hopefully they won't be like paypal and tell you it is your own problem... Sad

I really hope that the lady I just sent a money order to will be prompt about getting me my book... I have been looking for it for over a year now...

What book is that?
Yeah, I really hope so too. Sad

Ameriking, Feb 23, 12pm wrote:

Kerm Martian, Feb 23, 1pm wrote:
And if for some reason my bank takes its time and the check clears after 5 days? What if it finishes the day after. According to eBay documentation, (http://pages.ebay.com/help/tp/unpaid-item-process.html), 'Usually the seller must wait 7 days after a listing closes to file an Unpaid Item dispute.' The ONLY exceptions according to that page are if I for some reason deleted my account before paying. I did indeed pay, and the pending payment cannot be withdrawn in any way by me; it's already in your account as uncleared money. My payment will even if it takes 5 days arrive well in advance of the 7 day limit, and if it does arrive within the 7 days, I have every right to the item I have purchased and paid for. Thanks again, and I really hope we are able to work this out.
Must he type in caps?
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