Hey for Contest 9 I have a good idea. Port harvest moon and change it up a bit, by adding electronics not farming. I have a rough idea of how this will come together.
Most likely coded in C for the prizm but depending on my schedule I might switch to Axe.
Stay tuned.
Sounds fun Very Happy
Started basic outline today. I want to use sprites from the gameboy adv version to look a bit more retro. I'm playing the gba version to ensure a clean port. Hopefully my new computer get's wifi set up so I can start programming on that.
Edit: This will be a port of Harvest Moon: Friends of mineral town.
Okay big bump. Here is the beginning of what I am going to hopefully get done today.


Harvest Moon Outline:

   Title {Natsume, Serious fun}
   Title screen {start, continue[if applicable]} Png[Title]
   Name {12 slot, letters} Png[Name], "Is this name correct" {Yes, No} Png[Name_Correct]
   Birthday {Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter}, {#1-30} Png[Birthday], "Are you sure?" {Yes, No} Png[Birthday_Correct]
   Farm's Name {12 slot, letters} Png[F_Name], "Is this name correct" {Yes, No} Png[F_Name_Correct]
   Dog's Name {12 slot, letters} Png[D_Name], "Is this name correct" {Yes, No} Png[D_Name_Correct]
   Show Name's "Is this OK?" {Yes, No} Png[N_Correct]

-Pregame Shot
   Png[P_Game_Shot] Standing still facing left with {...} bubble above head, Thomas approaches from above, Mayor {!} bubble moving left. "Hey! The owner of the died a while back. Png[Thomas_P_Game_Talk_1] "You can't just come walking in here!", {!} above boy flip right, <Thomas> "What? You knew him?" Png[Thomas_P_Game_Talk_2], "And you didn't know that he had died...?", boy nods head, "He dies about...", "Oh, 6 months ago, I reckon. When I was cleaning out his place I found his will." Png[Thomas_P_Game_Talk_3], "In it, he said "I'm leaving my farm, to [Name]."" Png[Thomas_P_Game_Talk_4]. "So, until whoever that is shows up, I'm taking care of the farm", boy {...}, "What? you say you're [name]?" Png[Thomas_P_Game_Talk_5], boy nods head, "Will you tell me how you met the old man...?", boy nods.

-Pregame Shot 2
   <Mother> "What about it, [name]? Aren't you glad you came on the trip?" Png[Mother_P_Game_Talk_1] <Father> "I'm glad for the vacation, too. Hey, wamt to go fishing in the river?" Png[Mother_P_Game_Talk_2] <Mother> "[name]?", "Oh, dear! I can't find Danny!" <Father> "What...?"

-Pregame Shot 3
   <Old Man> "Hey, young man. Why are you crying? Did you get lost?" Png[Old_P_Game_Talk_1] scroll up... "What's this? Is that your phone number on your bag?" Png[Old_P_Game_Talk_2] scroll up... "Let's call your parents" Png[Old_P_Game_Talk_3]

-Pregame Shot 4
   <Mother> {black background as Pregame shot 2} <Father> "We live in the city, but we wanted to show our son the country on this trip" <Old Man> "Is that so?", "In that case, why not come spend a few days on my farm?" <Father> "You really mean it" <Old Man> "Sure! I live alone so you wouldn't bother anybody. I'd love the company." <Mother> "Isn't this great [name]? scroll.. "Now you'll have a whole farm to play on!"

-Pregame Shot 5
   Png[P_Game_Shot_1], Png[P_Game_Shot_2], Png[P_Game_Shot_3], Png[P_Game_Shot_4], Png[P_Game_Shot_5], Png[P_Game_Shot_6]

-Pregame Shot 6
   <???> {white background} "y...", "ey...", "Hey.", "!", <Girl> "You were so quite that I thought you were dead!" Png[P_Game_Shot_7], "This is perfect. I was looking for someone to play together." scroll... "I guess you'll do.", Png[P_Game_Shot_8] <-Background "It's no fun if you sit there and say nothing", "Why don't you tell me about yourself?"

-Pregame Shot 7 <white transition>
   Png[P_Game_Shot_9] <-Background <Old Man> "Did you have fun?", "I sure had fun with you. I don't have any grandkids of my own you know...", Png[P_Game_Shot_10], "Well, you have to go now. Farewell!...", "Is there any chance of writing an old man a letter once in a while...?", "Really? Here's my address, then.", Png[P_Game_Shot_11] <-Background, <Girl> "You're leaving already?", "If you go, I'll be bored and lonely again...", "You HAVE to come back, OK?", <Old Man> "Looks like you've made a friend! Just one more reason to return, I guess." {black background} <Old man> "I'll be waiting for your letter..."

-Pregame Shot 8
   Png[P_Game_Shot_12] <-Background <Thomas> "You were writing letters to each other, eh?", Png[P_Game_Shot_13], "And when he stopped writing back, you came to check on hime, did you?", thomas faces down {...} faces left, "Since he left you thr farm it's yours if you want it.", "Well, what do you think?", boy {...} nods, "Great! from here on out this place is yours!", Png[P_Game_Shot_14], boy faces down, "It won't be asy, but if you try hard you can make him proud.", nods facing down

-Pregame Shot 9
   {Black background} <> "Then, the next day..."...

--------------------------------------START GAME--------------------------------
   -Move: Arrow keys

-Start in bedroom/house on chair. Note if sitting long enough will start to snooze. Png[Game_Shot_1],
zeldaking wrote:
Okay big bump. Here is the beginning of what I am going to hopefully get done today.

huge giant cutscene stuff

You can do whatever you want to do in whatever order you want, but I personally believe that gameplay is the most important thing to get working as soon as possible - that's the route I'm taking with the Futility port. You can write the cutscene algorithm, but I would save content implementation for when your brain doesn't feel like coding.
That actually sounds like a good idea, I'm switching routes and coding my tilemapper as well as my character movement. My character is being worked on with sprites from the original/
I have been mainly working on my tilemapper trying to get all the MANY sprites copied over. Here is a picture of my success so far.
Hopefully I get my tiles all in order so I get to coding.
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