I figured I'd come here, see what some of your opinions are on different portable external drives.

My brother is currently in Kuwait, serving in the armed forces, and has asked me to get him a 1 or 2TB external hdd that is powered via USB. There are a lot of options out there, and I'd like to get him something that will be durable for his location.

So any thoughts?
You could get a durable 3.5" hard drive enclosure and pop in your own hard drive, but browsing through NewEgg just now (and then using Google to help NewEgg's slightly useless search engine), I didn't see too many with rubberized corners and good seals against dust. As far as complete (case+drive) solution, this one is small (2.5"), rubberized, and seems decent. Sadly it's out of stock at Newegg. You could try Tiger Direct or Directron.
This one seems to fit the bill of what you are looking for and is in stock. Since it will be in a rather harsh environment I'd guess its not gonna last too long anyways so worrying about they type of drive inside the case isn't as big of an issue as it could be.
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