Hello, I'm starting a long-term project and figured I'd post my idea's here. Being a big fan of Iron Man, and then going to Youmacon a few days ago and seeing a cool iron man suit, I began to want to make my own suit for Youmacon next year, along with adding in a few new things, and upgrading the suit as i go. Although, the armor is only part of the project.
I want to be able to build the Mark 7 amour from the avengers movie, with possibly adding colors to match the iron man suit from the upcoming movie. Won't be near exact, but something that resembles iron man and actually looks good. I also want to have the helmet be able to open and close, along with the lights in the eye's turn on when the helmet closes, and off when it opens. Just like in the movies. This has been done before and I want to replicate it, along with the whole suit. In addition I want to be able to make the chest piece ( the arc reactor/ vibranium arc reactor) and the hand repulsor be able to glow/get brighter as if you were firing them. How I want to do this would be to control them within the armor, per piece, possibly via arduino and some switches, but I'm not sure about that one yet, still thinking about how to do it, if anyone has any ideas about that one it would be much appreciated.

The second part of the project, which is way more long term than building the costume, is to actually try to make Jarvis from the movies. Although it will be nowhere near the "real" Jarvis, I want to also add in the extra of trying to include Kerm's scouter thesis project, into the helmet so when it closes you can actually see better,a long with attempting to have facial recognition so you can pick out you're friends, or people you might know in the mass of people. The only downside of this is that his project uses a netbook, which i do have, but incorporating a netbook into the armor might be a pain, and it would look weird. The other option would be to possibly use a raspberry pi and an arduino which are way smaller, and easier to hide in the suit somewhere. The netbook will always be a possible option because it does have more power than the pi. Remember this is still in early planning stages, as I don't have a ton of time between work and life right now.
Although I doubt any part of Jarvis will make it into the costume by next year for Youmacon, but hey, I can dream right.
So i guess overall the whole point of this post is to get my idea out of my head and somewhere so people can comment and tell me their ideas on my project and if anyone has helpful suggestions. Also so that people can bug me to actually complete a project. Thanks for reading and sorry about the wall of text.
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