How did you (or would you, if too young) vote?
I'm not a US citizen
 7%  [ 3 ]
Romney/Ryan (Republican)
 23%  [ 9 ]
Obama/Biden (Democrat)
 25%  [ 10 ]
Johnson/Gray (Libertarian)
 15%  [ 6 ]
Stein/Honkala (Green)
 10%  [ 4 ]
Goode/Clymer (Constitution)
 2%  [ 1 ]
Anderson/Rodriguez (Justice)
 0%  [ 0 ]
Other: Tell us below
 7%  [ 3 ]
I chose not to vote
 7%  [ 3 ]
Total Votes : 39

Are you old enough to vote? Tell us who you voted for (or who you would have voted for) and why. Are you expecting or hoping for any peculiar outcomes (tie, electoral college/popular vote split, etc)? If you're not "up" on politics, why not take this quiz, and tell us about your results?

Keep it civil, and the thread stays open. This thread is not going to be the place for making value judgments.

Personally, I voted for Gary Johnson because I believe in the Libertarian Party principles of non-aggression, and strong support for civil liberties and free market economics. I also believe that he has a strong record as an executive, and would make a good president if elected, being both a successful 2-term governor, and someone who turned a one man business into one of the largest construction companies in his state.
I took the quiz... and ended up 91% for Romney Very Happy
Hopefully a few million Americans are too
I'm 85% Jill Stein, 77% Gary Johnson, and 74% Barack Obama. I also align 66% with New York voters, unsurprisingly. I'm glad that you posted this thread; I was curious to see how people would vote. The only change I might recommend is if we could change the poll to a did you/how would you, for our younger voters.
Incidentally, I'm something like 97% Gary Johnson, and was 99% Ron Paul when he was still in the race Smile Then something like 65% Romney, 40% Goode, and in the low teens for Anderson and Stein.

As a green libertarian, my personal ideology may very well be closer to Anderson and Stein than to Romney or Goode, but in terms of governance (which this quiz is mostly testing), I'm pretty far over on the free market/voluntaryism side of things.

I'll update the poll to be inclusive of the younger crowd.
83% Stein, 70% Obama, 61% Romney
54% aligned with CA voters, 58% with USA
88% Green, 79% Democratic, 61% Republican, 46% Libertarian

That sounds about right.
Just voted Gary Johnson. Not that I necessarily agree with him on everything, but the raw logic of game theory dictates it.
82% Johnson, 66% Stein, 55% Obama, and 27% Romney.

My only surprise was that I sided more with Obama than Romney, though I should have expected that due to my social views.

70% Libertarian, 63% Democrat, 57% Republican, 51% Green

Kinda surprised that while I was 66% Stein, the Green party is the one I sided with the least. But other than that not real surprising.
95% Romney, 80% Goode, 73% Johnson... 22% Obama.


94% - Republican
70% - Libertarian
18% - Democrat
18% - Green
Candidate Statistics:
91% Jill Stein (Green Party)
85% Barack Obama (Democrat)
75% Rocky Anderson (Justice)
28% Mitt Romney (Republican)

Party statistics:
91% Democrat
89% Green
34% Libertarian
13% Republican

...looks like I'm the opposite of most the people here. Razz (Well, at least for the group that responded before me.)

Don't hate me? Very Happy
I am not old enough to vote, but if i could, I would probably vote for romney.

IMO, Romney's better than Obama, but I am not sure how much better. They are all politicians anyway.


My real choice would have been Ron Paul...
alberthrocks wrote:
...looks like I'm the opposite of most the people here. Razz (Well, at least for the group that responded before me.)
On the contrary, it seems most people's views align with Green/Libertarian ideals first and Democrats second, as I would expect from an intelligent, scientifically-keen, socially-liberal community like Cemetech.

I know I'm going to regret this question, but flyingfisch, what of his views do you prefer over Obama? His financial stance? His foreign affairs stance? His position on gays and women?
flyingfisch wrote:
They are all politicians anyway.

Epic win, my good sir. Laughing

I ended up voting for Romney. I knew that because of this messed up Electoral College system, voting for anyone other that Romney or Obama would be throwing away your vote. And of the two, Romney seems as though he actually has a plan for turning our country around, even if that plan has holes in it. I spent more time pondering about the issues in my state anyway (which I choose not to disclose).
Compynerd255 wrote:
I spent more time pondering about the issues in my state anyway (which I choose not to disclose).
The magic of IP addresses gives it away, not that I care where you live. Razz Which part of Romney's plan resonated with you in particular?
I'm 89% Gary Johnson, 75% Virgil Goode, 72% Mitt Romney, 66% Barack Obama, 60% with NC voters (I live in NC) and 60% with America.

I can't vote yet but I was curious as to see who I personally am more aligned with. XD
Hm, interesting. I don't really follow US politics, but clicking through quickly leads to:

  • 87% Jill Stein (Green) on foreign policy, domestic policy, environmental, science, economic, and social issues
  • 82% Gary Johnson (Libertarian) on domestic policy, foreign policy, healthcare, immigration, environmental, and social issues
  • 75% Barack Obama (Democrat) on environmental, science, immigration, and social issues
  • 36% Mitt Romney (Republican) on immigration issues
KermMartian wrote:

I know I'm going to regret this question, but flyingfisch, what of his views do you prefer over Obama? His financial stance? His foreign affairs stance? His position on gays and women?

I don't really agree with all his opinions on foreign affairs, I like Ron Paul's better. His financial stance sounds ok. What he says his opinions on abortion and gun control are ok for now, but he's been going back and forth on those points throughout his career and so I have no idea what he'll do if he gets into office.
I agree with Johnson about 94%, Stein 84%, Rocky Anderson about 73 %, and Goode only 37%
Robamney gets only about 11% of me.

I can't vote, but I convinced my parents to both vote Johnson, they liked him, and so do I, for the reasons elfprince listed.

and to everyone here who is republican and thinks that Romney is your guy, check the link above and think again. Johnson has more republican values than Romney ever would.

and I hate to take this over with my hyper-Johnsonism (or whatever), but anyone who can vote, do seriously consider Johnson. If he can get just 5% of the vote, then the 2 party system that is bought out by the big banks and corporations is destroyed and the libertarians are treated as a "major" party next election cycle. Live Free. Be libertarian with Johnson this election.

*This message brought to you by your local friendly Libertarian*
91% Stein
80% Anderson
80% Johnson
70% Obama
Geez, I'm liberal, aren't I? Then again, I already pretty much knew that...
I wouldn't actually have voted for the Green party, though, mainly because I simply don't believe they'll ever get anything done- they're too small to make any noticeable difference :\

I did it for the bandwagon but not really surprised by the results.
I would have voted for either Gary Johnson or Jill Stein.
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