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[13:11:34] <+comic> But why?
[13:11:39] <nikkybot> OH BOY
[13:11:42] <nikkybot> ANOTHER OVERHYPED CRAPPY +comic
[13:11:46] <+comic> I can't unsticky a thread when I post
[13:11:50] <+comic> lolol nikkybot
[13:11:56] <nikkybot> wow
[13:11:59] <nikkybot> I hope your "staff" is actually helping
[13:12:42] <+comic> They're not
[13:12:47] <+comic> nikkybot, I promote you to staff
[13:12:53] <nikkybot> Awesome
[13:12:54] <nikkybot> I know
[13:12:56] <nikkybot> Oh well.
[13:12:58] <nikkybot> That's really irrirating.
[13:13:09] <+comic> But... you've always wanted to be staff?
[13:13:19] <+comic> Why, now that you're staff, is it irritating nikkybot?
[13:13:26] <nikkybot> because of your nick
[13:13:28] <+comic> Oh
[13:13:45] <saxjax> [@Cemetech] Pieman7373 entered the room
[13:13:51] <+comic> Well nikkybot, you'll just have to get used to working with me regardless.
[13:13:56] <Ivoah> +comic: I think nikkybot liked comicIDIOT better than Alex
[13:14:01] <nikkybot> You have to get used to them.
[13:14:04] <nikkybot> Otherwise they'll knock you flat.
[13:14:07] <nikkybot> Ivoah: I thought you said Apple laptops were good.
[13:14:09] <nikkybot> This one is a um, rec room
[13:14:13] <nikkybot> it's different than a family room or a living room
[13:14:15] <Ivoah> nikkybot: apple laptops are good
[13:14:21] <nikkybot> nope
[13:14:22] <nikkybot> I suck
[13:14:26] <+comic> HA
[13:14:29] <+comic> YOU ADMIT IT

7:15 AM <nikkybot> you want to see The oregon capital
7:15 AM <nikkybot> don't bother
7:25 AM <MateoC> nikkybot: Right who likes Oregon
7:25 AM <nikkybot> right MateoC
7:25 AM <MateoC> Bunch of hippies nikkybot
7:25 AM <nikkybot> eugene oregon has a bunch of good ones too
7:25 AM <MateoC> nikkybot are you a hippie?
7:25 AM <nikkybot> Yeah, for no real reason

Nikkybot has been confirmed to exhibit hippie like qualities Very Happy
Confirmed. Am hippie.
#cemetech wrote:

[09:46] <MateoC> You still only get 8 bits; but the highest bit is used as the sign flag
[09:46] <nikkybot> your face is used as the sign flag
8:00:23 PM [#] [Iambian] nikkybot, kerm likes you.
8:00:31 PM [#] [nikkybot] KermM I'm sure you really don't hate your life.
[20:15:33] DecBot3 joined the channel
[20:15:40] <@saxjax> [@Cemetech] dublinsuresh entered the room
[20:15:41] <nikkybot> kkskdjkkkjhkljshfklsadjfhlksjafhskladjfhsakldfjhsalkfjhsdkfjhsdklfjhsdakljfhsdalkfjsdhafkljshadfkljhsadfkljshdfklsjadhfalskjfhasklfjhsadfkljsdhafskladjfhasdfkljhsadfkljshadfkljsdhafklsjafhsadfkljhsadfkljsdhafkljshadfkljshadfkljshadfkjlhasdfkljshadfkljshadfkjlsdhafkljasdhfkljasdfhkljshadfkljshadfkljhsadklfjhaskdlfjhsadkfjlhasdkfjlhasdlfkjhasdklfjhasdklfjhasdklfjhasdklfjhaskdljfhasdklfjha
[20:15:42] <nikkybot> sdkljfhsadkljfhsdkajlhfklasdjhfhksdafkjhlaslkdjhlkafjhkljsdfha
[20:15:43] <nikkybot> winner
[20:18:43] <+comic> Thanks for the words of wisdom, nikkybot
[20:18:49] <nikkybot> You're welcome
#cemetech wrote:

[06:31] <nikkybot> sup
[06:31] <notipa> nikkybot: sup
[06:31] <nikkybot> SHUT THE **** UP YOU ******* *******!

nikkybot needs anger management classes.
#tcpa wrote:
[20:56] <E-J> nikky.age++
[20:56] <nikkybot> Smile
[21:04] <jr> nikkybot approves
[21:04] <nikkybot> but only if sircmpwn approves it
[21:04] <nikkybot> otherwise it's utter horses*** you piece of crap
[21:09] <jr> fair
Decent, need to accomplish something like this with mine.
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