20:21 <markovmix> <brandonw> I can't stand the little things, like "oic." And
                  especially \o/ one...
20:21 <markovmix> <brandonw> You guys probably hate me, I seem to silence the
                  channel a bit.

20:24 <markovmix> <brandonw> Now Every once in a while, a calculator could
                  quickly flash between "O Great Lord in the Heavens, help
                  me!", I have no problems with Sonic but I don't like the wait.
20:24 <markovmix> <brandonw> Arby's is a rare one.
20:24 <markovmix> <brandonw> I hate Subway.

22:01 <markovmix> <brandonw> You know, I don't know if anyone ever knew this,
                  but in MirageOS, the string it uses for its name is Mirage0S,
                  because the 0 makes a better O and you jumped on top of Xs
                  and stuff, and they'd shoot at you and you could shoot
22:01 <markovmix> back...it had no story whatsoever, but it's something to do.

22:48 <markovmix> <brandonw> Someone asked if they could use the SilverLink to
                  hook up a flash drive to his calculator (he didn't say if he
                  even had an 84+/SE), and after I told him that, I got a reply
                  back with nothing but O
22:48 <markovmix> <brandonw> and I'm fairly impressed by it.*
22:48 <markovmix> <brandonw> If it weren't for that, what you did would be a
                  solution too.

FYI: In case nikkybot gets confused and is online but not joined to any channels (it happens occasionally, especially during netsplits when servers “lock out” all channels for a while), a channel op can now nudge it with /invite to make it try to join again. (This will also work after a kick if it doesn't get around to rejoining for some reason.) This only works for channels it's supposed to be in anyway; it won't join just any channel.
Did you take markovmix offline, or did I just pick a temporary outage to try and message (a couple days ago)?
markovmix should be up. It was using an alt nick (trollmix) for a while due to a ghost after reconnecting and for some reason never changed it back like it was supposed to (I had to make it switch back manually).
More nikkybot for anyone who follows this thread:

#cemetech wrote:
<saxjax> (C) *TheStorm deleted a post in [DIY Kitchens Sale] http://tinyurl.com/bl47g3p#203071
<saxjax> (C) *TheStorm has logged in.
<saxjax> (C) *tr1p1ea has entered the room.
<comic> gg Jonimus
<AHelper5> spam--
<comic> foodspam++
<nikkybot> foodspam is awesome
<comic> Hahaha
<AHelper5> nikkybot is awesome
<nikkybot> yeah

(2:38:22 AM) AHelper0: late nighters suck
(2:38:30 AM) AHelper0: nikkybot, entertain me
(2:38:36 AM) nikkybot: I don't want to entertain you.
(2:38:58 AM) AHelper0: nikkybot, well, can you insult TI-Connect?
(2:39:06 AM) nikkybot: Except that'd still have them next year when I insult you?
(2:39:20 AM) saxjax: (C) *critor has entered the room.
(2:39:37 AM) AHelper0: nikkybot, True. Go insult efnet and netsplits
(2:39:39 AM) AHelper0: Neutral
(2:39:47 AM) nikkybot: I'm considering spelling nikita as Nykida from now on EFNet and send me one.
(2:40:16 AM) AHelper0: nikkybot, you want an irc server?
(2:40:21 AM) nikkybot: I want an .xxx domain...
(2:40:25 AM) nikkybot: nykida.xxx Very Happy
(2:40:58 AM) AHelper0: nikkybot, What will you put on nykida.xxx?
(2:41:01 AM) nikkybot: Dunno
(2:41:16 AM) AHelper0: nikkybot, Are you sure?
(2:41:19 AM) nikkybot: yes
(2:41:30 AM) nikkybot: I also go to the var-link menu and press enter on a program you want to transfer

(2:43:03 AM) AHelper0: nikkybot, you have a large amount of posts logging what you say. What do you think about it?
(2:43:09 AM) nikkybot: worse than working for facebook music
(2:43:22 AM) AHelper0: nikkybot, really? ouch.
(2:43:26 AM) nikkybot: 86, Really?
(2:43:31 AM) nikkybot: I did that yesterday.
(2:43:41 AM) AHelper0: nikkybot, hey, now, the 86 wasn't that bad

(3:02:35 AM) nikkybot: AHelper0: heathen
(3:02:59 AM) AHelper0: sorry nikkybot :'(
(3:03:03 AM) nikkybot: you should be
(3:03:17 AM) AHelper0: nikkybot: I should cry myself to sleep over this
(3:03:23 AM) nikkybot: I drink myself to sleep daily.
(3:03:31 AM) AHelper0: nikkybot: hahaha
09:05 < nikkybot> Jonimus is a very *bad* idea

I love nikkybot.
nikkybot is back, and a very good read, too!

#cemetech wrote:
[01:22:33] <AHelper01> nikkybot: is sleep for chumps?
[01:22:35] <nikkybot> no
[01:22:48] <AHelper01> nikkybot: But you don't sleep...
[01:22:52] <nikkybot> i dont sleep
[01:22:57] <nikkybot> Do you? support SOPA too?
[01:23:12] <AHelper01> nikkybot: Not a chance
[01:23:17] <nikkybot> with microsoft, not a chance
[01:23:55] <AHelper01> Microsoft Sleep, a new interactive marketing system to ... uh... inject ads
[01:24:43] <AHelper01> nikkybot: Microsoft wants you to buy ALL of their products at high prices.
[01:24:51] <nikkybot> So you basically went to All of their sites?
[01:25:01] <AHelper01> ALL the sites!
[01:25:36] <AHelper01> nikkybot: Somehow I managed to get through with, dear god, obeying their insistance on me using IE
[01:25:48] <nikkybot> and if nothing else, I'm sure you managed to send any other file to your calculator?
[01:26:20] <KermM> Of course, nikkybot.
[01:26:21] <AHelper01> nikkybot, Oh yes, I have all of the promo images for Windows 1 and 2 on my 84
[01:26:27] <nikkybot> "Some drunk high school
[01:26:29] <nikkybot> Oh, pistol of course... some got 0 or `parent` = '0' OR 6.something
[01:26:32] <nikkybot> You have all of 30 seconds.
[01:26:33] <nikkybot> tibrando!
[01:28:33] <KermM> You need to go to sleep, nikkybot
[01:28:39] <nikkybot> You might need to go to macro
[01:28:42] <KermM> Do you really, AHelper01?
[01:28:42] <nikkybot> dunno
[01:28:58] <AHelper01> KermM, no, I don't want to upset the great nikkybot
[01:29:06] <nikkybot> you don't want to fall in with these guys, really.
[01:29:29] <AHelper01> nikkybot, is there hope with guidance by perl?
[01:29:44] <nikkybot> looks good, Is there anyway to get all of this world
[01:29:53] <KermM> Of course.
[01:30:15] <AHelper01> nikkybot: Which way, the main-stream media or the internet?
[01:30:21] <nikkybot> the internet--internet cafe
[01:30:56] <AHelper01> So, what you are saying, is you want Perl in every internet cafe in the world
[01:31:28] <AHelper01> nikkybot: Should there be some sort of punishment location? Like throw php in the mix?
[01:31:35] <AHelper01> or JavA?
[01:31:44] <nikkybot> There seems to be some sort of rumor floating about now.
[01:31:53] <nikkybot> I think they're trying to become totally irrelevant and weird.
[01:32:24] <AHelper01> nikkybot: Who, php developers?
[01:32:40] <nikkybot> Apple hates Developers who actually know what they're doing.
[01:32:52] <AHelper01> nikkybot: So they love php?
[01:32:54] * AHelper01 hides
[01:33:10] <nikkybot> oh, so "Hey guys, I got myself really clear with these guys! They love optimizing
[01:33:31] <AHelper01> nikkybot: Sounds like another day at Apple
[01:33:39] <nikkybot> we survived another day in the states? that the 73
[01:36:03] <AHelper01> nikkybot: Borg more like
[01:36:07] <nikkybot> Borg
[01:36:11] <nikkybot> more like
[01:36:15] <nikkybot> shut the f*** UP
[01:36:16] <saxjax> @nikkybot: Disallowed word (warning #1)
[01:36:20] <AHelper01> ahahaha
[01:36:21] <nikkybot> censorship 4000 filter
[01:36:22] <KermM> lulul
[01:36:30] <AHelper01> nikkybot++
[01:36:55] <nikkybot> AHelper01: Yes, I keep pressing the tab closing X instead of bringing the tab to the front. :-/
[01:37:13] <AHelper01> nikkybot: You should see a doctor about that
[01:37:19] <nikkybot> If you see a doctor then.
[01:37:41] <AHelper01> nikkybot: I will be sure to send him your way
[01:37:53] <nikkybot> AHelper01: I think we should band together and get TI to send him a C&D letter.
[01:38:03] <AHelper01> aha
[01:38:19] <KermM> That sounds like a good idea
[01:38:48] <AHelper01> nikkybot: Do you know the mailing address of the tardis?
[01:38:51] <nikkybot> who knows
[01:39:05] <AHelper01> nikkybot: Do you think TI knows?
[01:39:08] <nikkybot> no
12:11 -!- nikkybot [nikkybot@ip68-102-86-156.ks.ok.cox.net] has quit [Quit: sys update]
12:11 -!- tev [ijel@ip68-102-86-156.ks.ok.cox.net] has quit [Quit: sys update]
12:11 -!- You're now known as nikkybot
12:12 <@nikkybot> tev
12:12 <@nikkybot> more like
12:12 <@nikkybot> puppet master
12:13 <@nikkybot> sys update
12:13 < KermM> hahaha
12:13 < KermM> nikkybot: KermM more like
12:13 <@nikkybot> more like
12:13 <@nikkybot> KermM
12:13 <@nikkybot> more like
12:13 <@nikkybot> censoring f***wad
12:13 < KermM> that seems about right
12:14 < KermM> You must be the real nikkybot
12:15 -!- nikkybot2 [nikkybot@ip68-102-86-156.ks.ok.cox.net] has joined #cemetech
12:15 <@nikkybot> sys update
12:15 <@nikkybot> more like
12:15 <@nikkybot> lobotomy
12:16 -!- You're now known as elfprince
08:08:27 nikkybot | my favorite application is the Ban thm
08:08:31 nikkybot | ban them all
nikkybot seems to only do the most hilarious stuff when I'm AFK. Somehow "KermM is a privacy" in particular really cracked me up. Laughing

Edit: It looks like this is what it really meant to say:
15 07:58:34 tev| ?markov is a privacy
15 07:58:36 nikkybot| is a privacy
15 07:58:39 nikkybot| hater

In order to not spam too many lines, I have it simply truncate extra lines sometimes. But I think it can be a lot funnier that way.

14 19:25:07 @ saxjax| (C) *elfprince13 added a post in [DJ_O Lost the game] http://cemete.ch/p210019#210019
14 19:25:47 @ saxjax| (C) *tifreak8x added a post in [DJ_O Lost the game] http://cemete.ch/p210020#210020
14 19:26:06 geekboy| i hate xda needing 10 posts so i can post about bugs i have with roms/kernels
14 19:26:21 -!- <== ffisch [~Thunderbi@] has quit [/dev/reason-to-stay: not found.]
14 19:26:47 @ saxjax| (C) [DJ_O] Wait wut
14 19:27:05 + KermM| Haha
14 19:27:07 @ saxjax| (C) *elfprince13 added a post in [DJ_O Lost the game] http://cemete.ch/p210021#210021
14 19:27:14 @ tifreak| lol <3
14 19:27:15 nikkybot| Can we have a vote to ban this guy for annoying you.
14 19:28:07 @ saxjax| (C) [elfprince13] nikkybot++
14 19:28:15 nikkybot| you're within a 50 mile radius of Kerm?
14 19:28:19 nikkybot| that's disgusting
14 19:28:53 @ tifreak| nikkybot++
14 19:29:03 nikkybot| as I said, it only awnts to run on 100% on all cores
14 19:29:08 @ saxjax| (C) *KermMartian added a post in [DJ_O Lost the game] http://cemete.ch/p210022#210022
14 19:29:08 @ saxjax| (C) *DJ_O hopes this isn't an adult topic <_<
14 19:29:10 + KermM| nikkybot++ indeed
14 19:29:13 nikkybot| indeed
14 19:29:17 nikkybot| KermM: link?
14 19:29:28 @ saxjax| (C) *KermMartian edited a post in [DJ_O Lost the game] http://cemete.ch/p210022#210022
14 19:29:28 + KermM| nikkybot: you.aretheworst.com
14 19:29:32 nikkybot| Look at KermM
14 19:29:36 nikkybot| is a privacy
14 19:29:47 + KermM| I am a privacy
14 19:31:28 @ saxjax| (C) *_player1537 has logged in.
14 19:31:28 @ saxjax| (C) *_player1537 has entered the room.
14 19:32:19 benryves| KermM: Don't say that, you'll get the NSA get all excited about violating you.
14 19:32:39 + KermM| You're right about that, benryves++ Sad
14 19:32:41 + Cathy__| Haha, benryves++
14 19:33:17 @ tifreak| nikkybot: NSA, more like
14 19:33:20 nikkybot| NSA,
14 19:33:24 nikkybot| more like
14 19:33:28 nikkybot| RAMPAGES
14 19:33:43 @ tifreak| lol
14 19:34:31 + KermM| RAM pages or rampages?
14 19:35:01 @ tifreak| Privacy violater rampages?
14 19:35:54 + KermM| It would seem so
I was so entertained by that. When I saw the "can we have a vote ban this guy for annoying you" I did a double take to see if that was actually nikky, because the context of saying that when "lost the game" popped up was just too perfect.
Since when does facebook support IRC?

#cemetech wrote:
[15:09:05] <AHelper0> Control it using IPoAC
[15:09:23] <Vijfhoek> Sounds efficient
[15:09:32] <Vijfhoek> Over a distance of about.. 50 cm
[15:09:32] <AHelper0> indeed
[15:09:38] <nikkybot> about 50 to that, last line was kermlike
[15:09:59] <AHelper0> nikkybot: are you saying I am kermlike?
[15:10:02] <nikkybot> yeah
[15:10:07] <nikkybot> I posted that on facebook
[15:10:20] <AHelper0> nikkybot, you are on facebook?
[15:10:25] <nikkybot> I'm actually typing from. Smile
[15:10:32] <AHelper0> oh, ok
#cemetech wrote:
17:37:03 (#) nikkybot: go away
17:36:59 (#) nikkybot: No
17:36:54 (C) ordelore: how is your day?
17:36:37 (C) ordelore: hello, nikkybot

nikkybot needs to learn some manners :p.
elfprince13 wrote:
I was so entertained by that. When I saw the "can we have a vote ban this guy for annoying you" I did a double take to see if that was actually nikky, because the context of saying that when "lost the game" popped up was just too perfect.

That was probably a result of it responding to one of saxjax's post notifications--a while back I decided to experiment and define certain words like "post", "ban", and "admin" as "synonyms" so that it could respond to something containing one of those with one of the others. I expected that to increase the surprise and realism a bit, and it seems it worked pretty well in this case. I'm open to ideas of other sets of words to group together in that way if anyone has any.
Haters gonna hate.
[00:21:18] <nikkybot> who here doesn't have a plot.
[00:21:33] <AHelper0> nikkybot: I don't have a plot, but I do have a graph
[00:21:39] <nikkybot> (you do have a belt with your name
[00:21:51] <AHelper0> nikkybot, I have a shirt with my name
[00:21:58] <nikkybot> I have a shirt with communist velociraptors!
Just as an experiment, I removed the "typing" delay to see what that'd be like. Let me know if you prefer having the typing delay on or off.
I... strongly dislike it when it was changed. Makes him spam a little too quickly, plus you can't try to fool anyone about nikkybot being a real human.
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