To start this out, Kerm was asking about some new buttons he wanted to implement with the tool bar above. Here are some of my replies in the conversation:

Well, to tell you the truth, I don't like the current system of navigation, but that is me... I am more used to the style that I have, because it is simple.

Honestly, I wouldn't have a "poll" button at the top, that is something I would reserve for the front page. News is the same thing as the home page, right? So there is two gone. In their place, I would place "Archives" and "Projects".

As to the archives... When I first viewed it, I didn't immediately see any links to your archives, but after some time, I figured out the system, since I became a regular visitor. You might want to put links on the actual page as well...

I hope I am not stealing any thunder, but I also know you like honest feedback, so...


Well, The way I am thinking would be able to gid rid of the tabs. I know you don't know what to do with them, but I don't know if you would be willing to part with them.

I would have Home| Archives | Forum | Projects | Links

I would place "Poll" and "About" on the front page. (BTW, it is desperately time for a new poll Wink )

I would make it for on the projects pages, that the buttons would be different/more noticeable, and maybe not up in the tool bar like it is now... Currently, if you aren't looking for it, you would never notice the new buttons. Same thing with your Archives. While the archive buttons are cool, any noob would try to click the blue text, which might as well be the links to the respective pages anyways. I would say a good place for the buttons on the archives is right before the text explaining the sections.

I would see about getting other's opinions as well... But that just about sums it up...

He asked me to post this, so we can try to get some other opinions on the navigation of the site. The navigation bar has been like that for a very long time, and something new and inniative (And dare I say easy to navigate?) should be put up. Smile

So whatever suggestions you might have, post!
have you considered using the phpbb QBar mod? its what I use on my site, and it lets you add links directly to the phpbb link bar
Nah, I think I'll stick with what I've got. So, here's what I've been building so far:
Nah, I think I'll stick with what I've got. So, here's what I've been building so far:
Now THAT I like. Smile

How are you going to integrate the side bar? Remove the table look? Or put it directly below it somehow?
That's the one thing I'm still stuck on. I need to find a good way to fit the data from the sidebar into the new layout. Suggestions?
Well... Is the donation thing being used?? Maybe put the links for the RSS Feeds with their respective pages... The buttons for < Print Bookmark > Are they being used or are they really needed? I don't think they really fit...

Oh, I know!! Make the search box right under the link buttons (At least look at it, I think it might look kinda cool...)

And the Info box, maybe that should be footer information?
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