Hi all

FYI, there's a free conference of calculator and technology enthusiasts in London UK this weekend; October 27 & 28 2012, held at Imperial College London SW7.

I'll be giving two presentations. If you live in London, it might be worth checking it out. There are no strings attached!

full details

-- hugh.
Thanks for sharing this, Hugh! I wish that I was in London so I could attend. I know that we have quite a few British members, so I hope that some of them are able to attend. What will you be presenting about (edit: calculator displays obviously, but can you give us a two-sentence summary)?
yes. here is a micro précis:

talk1: contemporary calculator displays (ie the new colour ones) and where display technology might go; following the curve of mobile phones, using their old displays that have already been cost reduced. Based on this idea, we are looking at better and better calculator displays and what can be done on these displays. I'll be covering graphics and typesetting of mathematics and high quality text rendering.

talk2: display history. the evolution of calculator displays from the CRT onwards. I'll be covering Nixie, Panaplex, LED, VFD, LCD etc; their history and pros & cons. There will also be some antique calculators with these old display technologies at the meeting for people to see first hand.

The other talks should be interesting too.
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